Astralis Group Signs Sponsorship Agreement With Hummel

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Astralis Group Signs Sponsorship Agreement With Hummel

Danish sportswear brand, hummel, enters esports signing a big sponsorship deal with Astralis Group.

Another brand is throwing their support behind the growth in esports. With Danish sports and fashion brand, Hummel and esports organization, Astralis announcing a new sponsorship deal.

The deal will include all three of Astralis' teams; Origen in League of Legends, FutureFC in FIFA, as well as their eponymous Counter-Strike team, Astralis.

Hummel has had a strong foothold in the European sportswear market, with the company's history dating back to 1923. It markets itself as sportswear and equipment for everyone and produces male, female and children's lines.

The 3-year sponsorship agreement is effective immediately for Future FC and Origen, and we can expect new uniform designs for both team brands to be launched over the coming months.

However Astralis Group's Counter-Strike squad is currently in partnership with Jack & Jones. In which case, it's likely Astralis will enter the agreement in mid-September 2020; when their current partnership ends.

Ultimately the agreement will include all official game and casual sports-wear for Astralis, Origen, and Future FC.

Both partners have agreed that no comments will be made regarding the financial aspect of the deal, but according to sources,  it's worth around 30-50 million in Danish Krones. Which means it might be anywhere between $4,000,000 to $7,350,000 in USD.

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