Armored Core 6 Sea Spider Boss Guide

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Armored Core 6 Sea Spider Boss Guide

Having trouble with the Armored Core 6 Sea Spider Boss? Don't worry, here is a quick guide for everything you need to know to squash that bug.

After a grueling mission that takes you through a maze bombarded by orbital lasers, you have to go up against the Sea Spider. A big mean robot that will test your build and ability as a pilot yet again. After Balteus made sure you've learned the game properly, you now have to put that to the test.

Here is a quick rundown of everything you need to know about the Sea Spider and how to beat it.

Armored Core 6 Sea Spider Boss Guide

Sea Spider is a rather difficult boss. Not only is it really fast, you also have to manage your EN Gauge in order to stay in the air and time your dodges. It also has a number of nasty abilities that can catch you off guard if you aren't careful.

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Sea Spider Phase 1

In phase 1, the Sea Spider will try and get you with a series of artillery shots, a very nasty melee attack after a jump which will do 2-3 strikes and variations of its big red, evil laser. That laser comes either as a consistent beam tracking the player, or two shots with the second one being slightly delayed to catch you off guard while spamming a quick boost.

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The beam itself is easily avoidable by simply strafing fast as long as you don't rush toward or away from it. The shots can be dodged, just start dodging when you actually see them being fired, not when the canon starts to glow.

This encounter becomes way easier when you have a build with a good vertical thrust. You want to spend much of the fight above the Sea Spider to avoid its nasty melee attacks and create a room whenever it jumps to charge at you.

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Sea Spider Phase 2

In Phase 2, the Sea Spider will fly up into the air and spread its wings, exposing its metal core. That's bait, don't fall for it.

It will now start shooting even more lasers from both its legs and its core, all of those are best and easily avoided by staying above the Sea Spider. Here you only have to worry about bullet barrages and the occasional red laser/bomb from the first phase.

You should also make sure to damage and build stagger from above. Trying to fight your way up and damage its core will do significantly less damage. A good mix of explosive and close-quarter weapons such as swords, shotguns, and machine guns should do the trick here.

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Sea Spider Builds

Let's go over a couple of build ideas to take on the Sea Spider.

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First, you want to avoid staying on the ground. Tanks especially will have a really hard time against this boss, so if you don't have the AP or energy to dodge a lot of tank damage you'll have to settle for something lighter.

As for damage, you want to pick weapons and an FCS that works at a close to medium distance. Kinetic weapons such as handguns, shotguns, or assault rifles work really well here. So do any kind of explosive weapons and melee weapons such as the swords or the stakedriver.

When it comes to your shoulder slots, any kind of rocket will do the trick. If you can carry them, two Songbirds should do the trick. The Spider isn't fast and it is easy to pepper it from above with explosive shots to build up stagger/damage.

The Sea Spider is a test to see if you can come up with a build that can move fast, stay above ground, and can dish out a lot of damage really fast. Finding the right balance in your build for that combination is the key to your survival.

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Armored Core 6 Sea Spider Boss Guide
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