ARK Survival Ascended Taming Guide

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ARK Survival Ascended Taming Guide

In a game like ARK Survival Ascended, being able to tame the various creatures that inhabit the game world is a very important thing. Since you will find yourself without any kind of resources or shelter in this vast world inhabited by dangerous creatures, starting to have allies is certainly one of the first things to learn. For this reason, in this ARK Survival Ascended taming guide, we will explain in detail how to tame the various dinosaurs that are present in the game, especially since there are some new additions compared to the previous version of the game.

ARK Survival Ascended taming guide: How to tame

Taming in ARK Survival Ascended is important because the various creatures will provide you with aid. Some of them are necessary to collect more resources, others will protect you, and others are equipped with special abilities, so learning how to tame the various creatures that populate the game world is very important. In fact, without the help of these dinosaurs, you will not be able to survive for long in the world of ARK Survival Ascended, while the aim is precisely to try to survive as long as possible by creating everything the game has to offer.

However, you should know that each creature requires a different way to be tamed. We can, to be honest, divide dinosaurs into three large categories that require a different taming method, although the common point that you will have to keep an eye on for any type of taming is the taming effectiveness, which you will want to be the highest possible, which you can do by giving the creature its favorite food. This is something to take into consideration in the case of the knockout taming method and the non-violent taming method.

Since taming effectiveness and preferred food are the two key elements in successfully capturing a dinosaur, it is necessary to explain in a little more detail what these parameters are. Time effectiveness, in practice, allows you to determine the number of levels and bonuses that the creature receives. Keep in mind that this parameter always starts at 100% and lowers as the creature eats or takes damage.

So, if this parameter is 100% when the creature gets tamed, it will receive exactly 50% of its level. Instead, as it goes down, it will receive fewer and fewer levels. The bonuses, therefore, are assigned randomly once the creature has been tamed. Consequently, if you are trying to capture a strong creature, you should aim to have this parameter as high as possible.

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As for favorite foods, most creatures in ARK Survival Ascended can have different types of food. However, this does not mean that there are no preferences and, therefore, no sort of hierarchy. Thus, each dinosaur's specific kibble will provide the most tame progress. The Mutton is better when it comes to carnivorous dinosaurs, as are the Prime versions of each type of meat. For herbivores, it is best to provide Mejoberries and finally, try not to give carnivores fish and piscivores meat, even though they will eat it anyway.

Another thing to take into consideration, especially as you progress through ARK Survival Ascended, is the level of the dinosaurs you want to tame. In fact, since the game will become increasingly difficult and you will explore increasingly dangerous areas of the map, it is important that you also focus on the number of dinosaurs that have increasingly higher statistics and levels, so as to be more than help in your adventure.

ARK Survival Ascended

Different types of taming

As we said previously, in ARK Survival Ascended, there are different types of taming available: knockout, non-violent, and raise-only. To be honest, most of the creatures that are present in the game require the first two taming methods, with the exception of only one creature, which was added in this new version of the game and was not present in ARK Survival Evolved. However, below, we explain in detail how all three taming methods work.

Knockout taming

To be able to carry out this type of taming in ARK Survival Ascended, what you will have to do is use tranquilizers, sedatives, or make the creature fall into a state of unconsciousness by inflicting Torpor. To do this, you can use different types of weapons, which, obviously, you will have to build first, such as, for example, the club, slingshot, bow, crossbow, long-neck rifle, and harpoon launcher. The effectiveness and time required to make the creature unconscious depend on the type of weapon you choose; the better the weapon, the less time it will take.

Once you have managed to render the creature unconscious (being careful not to kill it if it is too low level), all you have to do is place its favorite food in its inventory. As soon as it gets hungry, it will use the food found in the inventory and fill the taming progress bar. Once the taming progress bar is completely full, you will have successfully completed the entire operation, and the creature will respond to your commands.

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However, some creatures are more difficult to tame than others in ARK Survival Ascended. For this reason, we can use a variant of this type of taming. In fact, there will be creatures that will have no effect from tranquilizers and therefore you will have to make use of weapons such as cannons to render them unconscious. This is the case, for example, of the Titanosaur, which, being too powerful for normal tranquilizers, requires this other slightly different procedure. However, this dinosaur will decide to starve rather than eat if you are playing with the game's default settings, so it can only be used for raiding.

ARK Survival Ascended

Non-violent taming

The other major category of ARK Survival Ascended dinosaurs falls under this type of taming method. As the name suggests, you won't have to use violence to capture these dinosaurs. In fact, all you have to do is simply follow these creatures and feed them their favorite food. However, not all dinosaurs that fall into this category are docile; some are aggressive, and so you will need to proceed with great caution.

ARK Survival Ascended

Raise-only taming

The only ARK Survival Ascended creature in this category is the Rhyniognatha. This tame is not at all easy and is very risky, so keep this in mind before proceeding. If you feel ready, there are several steps to follow in order to be successful and manage to tame one of these creatures. Below, we explain in detail everything you need to do.

First of all, you will have to look for a male specimen, kill him and obtain the pheromone. Now, track down a female specimen and hit her until her health bar is roughly close to 10%. Once this is done, make use of the pheromone you took before (keep in mind that the higher the level and statistics, the greater the chance of succeeding in this tame). At this point, the gestation period will begin, during which the creature will require different foods to eat. Once the process is complete, the mother will die, and a baby Rhyniognatha will be born.

ARK Survival Ascended

ARK Survival Ascended Taming Guide
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