Damwon Rebrands to Dplus KIA, as the Organization Prepares for 2023

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Damwon Rebrands to Dplus KIA, as the Organization Prepares for 2023

2020 World Champions will enter the 2023 LCK Season as Dplus KIA.

It’s not all that common in today’s esports for teams to change their name and branding frequently, as building brands is a big part of the organization’s revenue streams. Damwon might be the biggest exception to this rule. After qualifying to LCK from the Challenger Series under the banner of DAMWON Gaming, the organization went on to win Worlds 2020. But despite its international and domestic success, the organization made a name change as it partnered with KIA as its title sponsor.

After two years of paying under the name DWG KIA and winning two LCK championships, it is time for another change. In a statement on January 9, the organization announced that they are rebranding to Dplus KIA. The letter “D” in the new name is an homage to the iconic DAMWON legacy, while plus represents limitless connectivity and expansive potential for a bright future. KIA, of course, is still there as the main sponsor.

Vice chairman and COO of Dplus KIA, Lee Joon-young commented on the change by saying, “Dplus KIA is one of the most successful teams in the history of League of Legends and it’s time for our brand to take its rightful place amongst the most popular organizations in the world. We’re excited to create a new chapter in this organization’s storied history with this phenomenal team and the bold projects we have in store for this year that will bring a new wave of fans to the Dplus KIA family.”

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Dplus KIA's LCK team will make their 2023 debut with the Season 2023 Kickoff Event on January 10. Aside from their flagship LoL roster Dplus KIA has teams competing in many esports, including Valorant, PUBG, PUBG Mobile and Rainbow Six Siege.

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Damwon Rebrands to Dplus KIA, as the Organization Prepares for 2023
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