Andre Silva EA FC 24 RTTK– Cheapest Solutions and Best Stats

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Andre Silva EA FC 24 RTTK– Cheapest Solutions and Best Stats

Want to know how to get Andre Silva EA FC 24 RTTK? These are the cheapest solutions and possible upgrades you could grab if you can collect the card.

The latest Road to the Knockout card is available now, the Andre Silva RTTK Card! In terms of the overall balance, it’s one of the best player cards in EA FC 24. It has got some fantastic stats and has the potential to get boosted during the Road to the Knockout Campaign. At the end of some upcoming competitions, this could end up being a really special card to have. How exactly do you get your hands on the EA FC 24 Andre Silva card though?

Now that we’ve passed the EA FC 24 release date more content is coming thick and fast. One of the most fun parts so far is the Road to the Knockouts promotion going on in Ultimate Team. These are opportunities to grab RTTK cards, special cards of players who are playing in the Champions League and other tournaments. If these players perform well in the real-world tournaments the card can gain quite a bit in upgrades. This could be the chance to get in on the ground floor of one of the best cards. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to see a few special RTTK cards drop, with Andre Silva RTTK being an early one coming this week.

This card has great ratings as an ST. On top of that, a few really strong performances might make it one of the best cards out there. If you want to get your hands on the EA FC 24 Andre Silva card, these are the best solutions and how everything works.

Andre Silva EA FC 24 Requirements

If you want to unlock the Road to the Knockouts card, you need to submit squads that meet some basic requirements. This means you’ll already need some key picks in cards and teams to unlock the brand-new card. This is what each of the three has to be

Real Sociedad

  • Minimum 1 player from Real Sociedad
  • Minimum 82 team rating
  • Number of Players – 11
  • Reward – 1 Small Electrum Players pack


  • Minimum 1 player
  • Minimum 83 team rating
  • Number of Players 11
  • Reward – Small Gold Players pack

La Liga

  • Minimum 1 player with OVR of 87 from Laliga EA Sports
  • Minimum team rating 84
  • Number of Players 11
  • Reward – Small Prime Mixed Players pack

Cheapest Solutions for Andre Silva EA FC 24

Those are the requirements for the EA FC 24 Andre Silva, so what are the cheapest solutions? There will be a few different directions you can go. For a start, if already have players from the clubs in requirements, that’s better. Anything you don’t have to go out of your way for is going to be the simplest way to get this done. Although, the exact best might vary for each person depending on what’s available to them.

If you want to try and tailor a solution specifically to your circumstances, is one of the better tools for doing this. You can see the simplest Squad building challenge solutions for you here.

When is Andre Silva RTTK available?

The Andre Silva EA FC 24 card has been available since October 1st at 6 PM BST. This is a time-limited challenge though. Players only have until October 8th to get it done. That gives only a full week for you to get this finished off! Making it pretty important to find your solution sooner rather than later.

Andre Silva EA FC 24

Stats and Upgrade – EA FC 24 Andre Silva

Why is the Andre Silva RTTK card worth getting here? There are quite a few different stats which make the card stand out. This is how the card stands at the moment:

  • PAC – 81
  • SHO – 86
  • PAS – 77
  • DRI – 87
  • DEF – 50
  • PHY – 83
  • OVR – 85

As with all the Road to the Knockout cards though there’s more beyond that. This is just the base. As the clubs play in real-world matches you have the potential to earn upgrades and progress even further. Depending on the performance of a club, all the RTTK players can get an upgrade. The club will need two victories from the group stage to earn the upgrade. That’s along with getting one upgrade if they qualify for the full knockout stage of their respective competition. So, the EA FC 24 Andre Silva card could end up even better.

There are two upgrades you have the chance for with the card.

  • Win 2 Remaining Matches in Group Stage – +1F Upgrade
  • Qualify for a Round for 16 – +1F Upgrade

If the player can earn these upgrades, this card could go on to be much more powerful in Ultimate Team! While it’s not quite on the best 5-star players yet, these upgrades could be big and the Andre Silva EA FC 24 card has good stats at the base too. If you have the required cards, it’s definitely an area that’s worth putting some focus on over the coming week to get that card unlocked.

Andre Silva EA FC 24 RTTK– Cheapest Solutions and Best Stats
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