Andbox Returns With Another $50,000 Battle Of The Boroughs ft. Fortnite

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Andbox Returns With Another $50,000 Battle Of The Boroughs ft. Fortnite

Andbox is back with another big-money regional Fortnite tournament!

New York-based esports organization – Andbox – returns to the competitive Fortnite scene with another regional tournament. The competition, dubbed Battle of the Boroughs, will offer an impressive $50K USD prize pool to players in nine sub-regions located around New York. Last time around, pro players Anthony “Zexrow” Colandro, Timothy “Bizzle” Miller and Jayth claimed victory as a trio for their home Long Island region. It was not incredibly close either; The three New York natives won by a whopping 293 points. Considering the positive response, Andbox is back yet again with another Battle of the Boroughs, this time utilizing the solos format.

What is the Battle of the Boroughs?

Battle of the Boroughs is a competition hosted by New York’s Andbox esports organization in coordination with Epic Games. This tournament allows only players within the New York area to partake. This tournament splits players into nine sub-regions; Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx, Long Island, Upstate New York, New Jersey and now Connecticut. Players will have to battle opponents in their same region before advancing in the competition. Registration is open right now on Andbox’s website, and the Grand Finals will occur on November 20.

“Beginning October 21, players from the NY metro area can sign-up to again compete for local bragging rights, a $50,000 prize pool, and a shot at redemption after Long Island emerged victorious from the inaugural Battle in July. Except this time, it’s every person for themselves in a solos format.”

Battle of the Boroughs Format

Participants in the second-ever Battle of the Boroughs will need to advance through two stages before reaching the Grand Finals. Stage one will be the Regional Qualifiers, followed by the Regional Finals and then the Grand Finals. Refer to the full format below for all the relevant details.

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Stage 1 – Regional Qualifiers

  • Participants will be able to qualify for the next stage (Regional Finals) by competing against other players in their particular Region to earn one of the 100 qualification spots into the  Regional Finals (Stage 2).

Stage 2 – Regional Finals

  • Nine total Regional Finals (one for each nine defined competitive regions)
  • Top 100 players in each competitive region compete to score the most points across four Arena matches.
  • Top teams awarded entry into Grand Finals (Stage 3)

Stage 3 – Grand Finals

  • Top 100 players across each of the regions compete to score the most points across eight matches to crown the Champion.
  • Each Region guaranteed to qualify a minimum of three players for the Grand Finals.
  • The number of finalists from each region will be proportionate to the number of registered participants in their region.
    • October 21: Registration Open
    • November 4: Registration Closes
    • Nov 6-8: Regional Qualifiers:
    • Nov 13: Regional Finals
    • November 20: Grand Finals

Battle of the Boroughs Scoring System

There has been no shortage of different scoring systems when it comes to the solos format. For this tournament, Placement points will begin at top-50 leading up to the Victory Royale and players will earn five points per elimination. This system is similar to how DreamHack offers points.

Final Placement (points):

  • 1st: 60
  • 2nd: 53
  • 3rd: 49
  • 4th: 47
  • 5th: 46
  • 6th: 45
  • … 50th 1
  • Eliminations: 5 points per
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Battle of the Boroughs Prize Pool

Participants in the Battle of the Boroughs will not earn monetary winnings until the Regional Finals, which features a $2K USD per region, totaling $18K USD. See the full prize breakdown below:

Regional Finals ($2,000 per region, $18,000 total)

  • 1st $600
  • 2nd $350
  • 3rd $250
  • 4th $200
  • 5th $150
  • 6th – 12th: $75

Considerably more money will be available for players who reach the Grand Finals. Andbox will be offering a $32K USD prize pool spread out across the top-50. See the full Grand Finals prize breakdown below:

Grand Finals ($32,000 total)

  • 1st $5,000
  • 2nd $3,500
  • 3rd $3,100
  • 4th $2,600
  • 5th $2,000
  • 6th $1,750
  • 7th $1,500
  • 8th $1,250
  • 9th $1,000
  • 10th $800
  • 11th – 15th $400
  • 16th – 20th $300
  • 21th – 30th $250
  • 31th – 40th $200
  • 41th – 50th $150

If you are a resident of New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, be sure to sign up today and secure your spot in the Battle of the Boroughs. It would not be wise to pass up the $50K USD prize pool on the line. Players looking to compete have until November 4 to register.

Source: Andbox

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