Amazon Starts a Flame in Fallout Fans’ Hearts With Official Fallout Series Trailer

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Amazon Starts a Flame in Fallout Fans’ Hearts With Official Fallout Series Trailer

#1 on YouTube trending and 5 million views in just over half a day. Amazon Prime's official trailer for their Fallout series is out a month before the show launches, and it's looking better than expected.

We're officially one month and three days away from the launch of Amazon's heavily-anticipated Fallout TV show. Three months after the teaser trailer's release, Amazon has dropped the official trailer for Fallout. As the resident Fallout nerd, join me as I break it down. 

Introducing the Ghoul: Cooper Howard

From charming actor to a ghoul bounty hunter with a drug problem. Meet Cooper Howard.
Image Source: Amazon Prime

The trailer begins with a monologue by actor Cooper Howard, portrayed by Walter Goggins. Cooper seems to have a life similar to the Vault-Tec rep from Fallout 4, working for Vault-Tec before the war but ending up a Ghoul afterward. But Cooper becomes a bounty hunter after the world ends, unlike the Vault-Tec rep, who becomes a trade vendor. 

Cooper's advertisement mentions Vault 4, which may or may not be the Vault he and his family were supposed to be in when the bombs fell. 

Is Shady Sands/New California Republic Gone?

Shady Sands has apparently seen far better days.
Image Source: Amazon Prime

The trailer starts with a quick but noticeable pan over a desecrated landscape with a sign that says ‘Shady Sands Public Library' on the bottom right of the screen. 

Those who have played Fallout 1 know that Shady Sands is the origin place and eventual capital city of the NCR, the New California Republic. That makes me question whether this Shady Sands Public Library sign is simply an easter egg/nod to classic Fallout, as it wouldn't make much sense for a library to be in ruins in the heart of the New California Republic. But throughout the trailer, we see the main character, Lucy, wandering through nothing but the ruins of Los Angeles. Did LA get nuked again?

T-60 Power Armor Has a Visor?

I don't remember this Power Armor mod in Fallout 4.
Image Source: Amazon Prime

Clad in T-60 Power Armor, Maximus, the third main character and Brotherhood of Steel member, shows off a new apparent feature of Power Armor: face visors.

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Since Fallout 1, Power Armor helmets have always been just that. Helmets. The TV show takes after Bethesda's version of Power Armor, with them being massive exoskeletons instead of actual suits of armor, but it looks like they're tweaking things a bit more. 

Are the Brotherhood of Steel and NCR Back at War?

After a decades-long war, the Brotherhood of Steel and NCR seem at it again.
Image Source: Amazon Prime

One of the final scenes of the trailer shows a skirmish between Brotherhood of Steel knights and some NCR troopers, giving us the first glimpse at the flag of the New California Republic, which was concerningly absent from the first teaser trailer. 

Fallout historians will remember that the West Coast Brotherhood of Steel lost the decades-long Brotherhood-NCR War. Badly. So much so that they resorted to retreating into the seclusion of hidden bunkers. 

The Fallout series takes place not even two decades after the events of Fallout: New Vegas. The seemingly strong presence of the Brotherhood of Steel, the seemingly weakened presence of the NCR, and the ruination of Los Angeles remain questions that need answering.

Michael Emerson as the quirky Wasteland inventor, Matt Berry voices Mr. Handy units (Including one intent on harvesting Lucy's organs), 

From Vault Dweller to Hardened Survivor

Every Vault Dweller's Rite of Passage after entering the Wasteland: Strapping on leather armor.
Image Source: Amazon Prime

The trailer ends with a blood-covered Lucy emerging with hardened eyes and wearing a set of Fallout's iconic leather armor as Cooper calls her a killer. The Wasteland tends to have that effect on survivors, but it will be interesting to see how Lucy goes from fresh-faced and woefully out-of-place to fitting right in topside. 

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War Never Changes, and Hopefully, Hope Won’t Either

The trailer shows glimpses of a few of some lesser characters on the cast, like Michael Emerson as the quirky Wasteland inventor,  Dale Dickey as the obligatory lol @ Vault Dwellers Wastelander and Matt Berry as the voice of Mr. Handy units (Including one intent on harvesting Lucy's organs). 

And, of course, something everyone who has played Fallout 3 will recognize: I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire by The Inkspots. Classic.

But while this trailer shows promise, it's still leaving puzzles in my brain with a few pieces missing. What is the origin of the Gulper monster we keep seeing? What's the story with the Centaur Overseer from the teaser trailer? Will Lucy's story end like Fallout 1's Vault Dweller? If the TV show is canon to the Fallout series, will we finally learn the canon endings for Fallout 4 and Fallout: New Vegas? So many questions. But I'm content with what I've seen so far. Hopefully, I stay that way after I get some answers. 

All eight episodes of Amazon's Fallout series will be viewable starting April 11. 

Amazon Starts a Flame in Fallout Fans’ Hearts With Official Fallout Series Trailer
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