Alone in the Dark Focus Will Be Exploration and Puzzle Solving

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Alone in the Dark Focus Will Be Exploration and Puzzle Solving

During an interview, Andreas Schmiedecker of THQ Nordic said that Alone in the Dark will have intense combat, even if the focus of the entire game will be on exploration and puzzle-solving. The game will feature 6-10 playtimes per character and offer “a fair breakdown of the core elements of the survival horror genre.” Despite this, the game will focus more on storytelling, exploration, and puzzle-solving and while the fights are not the main thing, they will be hard and intense.

Alone in the Dark gameplay explained

The producer, during the aforementioned interview, left himself with some statements about the gameplay mechanics that characterize the game, stating that “We believe that the ‘haunted house' atmospheres are a fundamental aspect of what makes Alone in the Dark interesting and special. So exploring Derceto, meeting those who live there, finding keys and clues to access previously inaccessible areas are mechanics that will play a central role.”

“Jumping into exploration and some puzzles unaided will require some patience, as well as a willingness to think that is not linear, in order to find one's own path within the mansion, and we are sure that some players will appreciate this approach. However, we don't want this to be a limitation for users who may want to progress through the game a little faster, which is why we have included additional puzzle and navigation aids that will enrich the map and the hints you can receive.”

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Finally, we remind you that Alone in the Dark will be available starting October 25 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. The game will support two graphics modes, including a 60 fps performance mode, as stated by the producer Andreas Schmiedecker himself during another interview.

alone in the dark gameplay

Alone in the Dark Focus Will Be Exploration and Puzzle Solving
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