Alone in the Dark Performance Mode Confirmed

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Alone in the Dark Performance Mode Confirmed

THQ Nordic has confirmed that Alone in the Dark performance mode is a reality. In an interview with colleagues at Gaming Bolt, associate producer Andreas Schmiedecker confirmed the presence of a performance mode in the game at 60fps.

Alone in the Dark graphics modes

As the THQ Nordic exponent himself specified, the development team is “Currently targeting a 60fps performance mode with variable resolution and a 30fps quality mode with 4K resolution.” This means that players will be able to choose between two different graphic modes to enjoy the game, according to their needs and tastes. However, at least at the moment, the native resolution for the performance mode has not been revealed, just as there has been no mention of the performance on the Xbox Series S console, although it is not difficult to imagine that the game will have to be sacrificed a bit.

Alone in the Dark length

Furthermore, in recent days it has also been announced that the game will need about 6-10 hours to complete with both protagonists. The same development team recommended playing the game at least twice, in the role of both protagonists, in order to have a clearer vision of what the story is and not to miss any kind of detail that may be essential to the players. plot ends.

Finally, we remind you that Alone in the Dark will arrive on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X | S on October 25th, so there is still not much left to find out whether or not what the developers have in mind will be successful. In fact, it is precisely in the last few hours that it has emerged on the net that THQ Nordic has in mind to push on this franchise and that, if the launch of this reboot were to meet expectations, the possibility of creating other games related to this could be evaluated game universe.

Alone in the Dark Performance Mode Confirmed
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