All TFT Set 10 Portals In Remix Rumble

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All TFT Set 10 Portals In Remix Rumble

3This article features the full list of Portals in TFT Set 10, Remix Rumble, as revealed by Game Designer Mortdog.

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The mechanic remains the same, with the game allowing players to choose a portal by casting a vote at the beginning of each game. Portals are a returning mechanic in Set 10, and more are slated to arrive in the new year, 2024. More so, Game Designer Mortdog has revealed Riot plans to drop new portals with TFT Patch 14.1, which is slated to arrive on Janaury 10.

TFT Set 10 Portals: Full list

  • Gold Augment First: The first Augment in this game will be Gold tier.
  • Prismatic Augment First: The first Augment in this game will be Prismatic tier.
  • All Silver Augments: Every Augments in this game will be Silver tier
  • All Gold Augments: Every Augments in the game will be Gold tier.
  • All Prismatic Augments: Every Augments in the game will be Prismatic tier.
  • Prismatic Augment Third: The final Augment of this game will be Prismatic tier.
  • Tier Three Start: Player begins the game using a random tier-three champion.
  • Duplicator Start: Players begin the game using a Champion Duplicator.
  • Triple Champion Start: Start the game with three random Tier-one champions.
  • Gold Per Augment: Every time player selects an Augment, they receive three gold.
  • Gold Per Item: Every time player builds an item, player receive two gold.
  • Pot of Gold: At Stage 6-1, all living players split a pot of 120 gold.
  • Artifact Anvil: Start with an Artifact Anvil that lets you choose from powerful items with unique effects.
  • Component Anvils: Player receive two Item Component Anvils at the beginning of the game.
  • Radiant Item: Select one of five Radiant items at the start of the game. Radiant items are powerful versions of core items.
  • Completed Anvil: Player receives one completed item anvil at the start of the game.
  • Scuttle Puddle: PVE enemies are replaced by crabs that drop bonus loot.
  • Player Health Increase: All players begin with 115 health instead of 100.
  • Double Item Carousel: Champions on the Carousel hold two items instead of one.
  • Training Dummy: Player begins the game with a Training Dummy.
  • Unit Accelerator: All the units gain bonus movement speed and plus-10 percent attack speed.
  • Showtime: Headliner champions appear in your shop as if you were one level highter
  • Multi-Talented: Headliner champions grant plus-one to another one of their traits.
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TFT Portals set to release in future updates

Here’s the complete list of portals scheduled to drop in the upcoming updates as revealed by Lead Champion and Game Designer, Riot Mortdog, who’s pretty popular with the TFT community. Players can check out the full list below.

  • Silver Gold Prismatic: Augments this game will be Silver, Gold, then Prismatic tier
  • Random Champion: Twice per stage, gain a high-cost champion. The value goes up with game time
  • Tailored Champion: Every Stage, gain a champion that fits your team
  • Support Anvil: Start with a Support item Anvil
  • Spatula: Player begins the game with a Spatula
  • Tactician’s Crown: Player starts with a Tactician’s Crown
  • Reforgers: Player receives two item Reforgers at the start of the game
  • Random Loot: At every single Stage, all the players gain random loot from a highly varied pool
  • Tome of Traits: Player begins with one Tome of Trait
  • Treasure Armory: On Stage 4-7, players choose a five-piece package of powerful loot
  • Radiant Blessing: At 40 player health, player receives a blessing that contains loot

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