All TFT Set 10 One Cost and Two Cost Champions With Headliner Bonus

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All TFT Set 10 One Cost and Two Cost Champions With Headliner Bonus

Here are all the TFT Set 10 one-cost and two-cost champions in Remix Rumble

One Cost Champions in Set 10 Remix Rumble

There are over 13 1 star champions in Set 10, with many of them are returning champions from previous sets, while some, are fairly new. The main cherry on top is the new Headliners mechanic introduced in Set 10. We’ve outlined each one-cost champion in Set 10, along with their ability and Bonus Headliner effect.

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Garen (8-bit, Sentinel): Garen receives maximum health of 170/190/210. The champion;s next attack deals 160 percent AD plus 10 percent health as physical damage.
Champion Headliner Effect—400 bonus health.

Katarina (Country, Crowd Diver): Katarina dispenses a blade at the current target. The blade bounces thrice, dealing 140/210/315 magic damage and applying Wound for a duration of 6s. The Wound effect decreases the amount of healing received by 33 percent.
Champion Headliner Effect — 150 bonus health and her final blade bounce deals 25 percent bonus damage.

Gragas (Disco, Spellweaver, Bruiser): Gragas heals 500/575/650 health over two seconds. Then the champion proceeds to deal 160/240/360 magic damage to adjacent enemies and Chills them for three seconds. The Chill reduces attack speed by 50 percent.
Champion Headliner Effect—Player reduces damage dealt to him by eight percent and this improves the damage he deals by 10 percent.

Jax (EDM, Mosher): Jax leaps at the highest health enemy within two Hexes and deals 230/345/520 magic damage to them. Then, Jax deals 140/210/315 magic damage to all adjacent enemies. Gain 10 percent attack damage and ability power for the rest of combat.
Champion Headliner Effect — 200 bonus health and 20 percent bonus ability power.

Aphelios (Heartsteel, Rapidfire): Aphelios fires a blast at the current target. It deals 725 percent attack damage as physical damage to the first enemy it hits and 10 percent of damage as physical damage to adjacent enemies. Stun the unit hit for 1.5/1.5/2 seconds. If they are dead, Stun the adjacent units for one second instead. Champion Headliner Effect — 20 percent bonus attack damage.

Bard (Jazz, Dazzler): Bard begins to play a tune of four random notes from the following.  Doot deals 85/125/190 magic damage to the current target. Chime heals the lowest health ally 120/150/180. Drop one gold and play another note. (Gain three gold in Hyper Roll!). Tip chance is 1/1/3 percent.
Champion Headliner Effect — At the beginning of combat, for every eight times Bard has cast, play a Doot. The Doot damage is 95/140/215. This same effect will proceed to hit the nearest enemy.

Kai’Sa (K/DA, Big Shot): Kai’Sa proceeds to release a dash of up to two Hexes and dispenses a missile at the current unit in target. This in turn proceeds to deal 250/250/255 attack damage along with 30/45/65 percent ability power as physical damage to the first enemy hit.
Champion Headliner Effect—15 percent bonus attack damage, plus one Range, and dashes farther.

Senna (True Damage, Rapidfire): Senna hits player units with a blast of sound at the current target’s location. The champion begins to pulse thrice, dealing 150/155/225 magic damage to enemy units located at a radius of One Hex within a one Hex radius each time. Players receive 15 maximum mana as Bling Bonus. Champion Headliner Effect — Five percent bonus ability power and with every Subwoofer the pulse grows slightly larger

Seraphine (K/DA, Spellweaver): Seraphine dispenses a High Note to the largest clump of enemy players. It proceeds to deal 140/210/315 magic damage to adjacent enemies and in turn, healing nearby allies 80/120/160. Serpahine prefers to hit opponent units instead of ally units.
Champion Headliner Effect — With every other cast, Seraphine sings an extra High Note that deals 40 percent damage and heals 60 percent.

Kayle (Pentakill, Edgelord): For five seconds, Kayle’s attacks deal 35/50/75 bonus magic damage in a wave behind the target and Shred for a total of four seconds. Afterward, deal 210/315/475 damage to enemies around the current target. The Shred dereases magic resistance by 30 percent.
Champion Headliner Effect — 25 percent bonus attack speed.

Gnar (Pentakill, Superfan, Mosher): Gnar leaps over the current target and transforms for the rest of combat, gaining 500/550/600 health and 70 percent attack damage. The casts that are dealt later will proceed to deal 335/335/335 percent attack damage as physical damage to the target now.
Champion Headliner Effect — At the beginning of combat, unit turns into Mega Gnar.

Twitch (Punk, Executioner): Twitch proceeds to deal 225 percent attack damage as physical damage to enemies within one Hex of the current target. Twitch also deals damage to random enemies within two Hexes through his bottle exploding into six shards. Each enemy critically struck by a shard creates one more shard.
Champion Headliner Effect — 15 percent bonus attack damage and 20 percent bonus Critical Strike Chance.

Pantheon (Punk, Guardian):  Pantheon reduces 15 percent damage taken for 2.5 seconds. Afterward, the champion proceeds to deal 200 percent attack damage as physical damage to the three enemies who dealt the most damage to Pantheon during the duration.
Champion Headliner Effect — 250 bonus health, along with 20 bonus armor and magic resistance.

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