All Remnant 2 Mutators

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All Remnant 2 Mutators

As well as weapons, armor sets, relics, and much more, Remnant 2 offers its players many types of mutators to choose from. Mutators are very important because they can be equipped on weapons and are capable of producing different bonuses. For this reason, since there are many of them all with different characteristics, we have decided to create this article in which we indicate all the Remnant 2 mutators that you can acquire during your adventure.

Remnant 2 all mutators

The mutators allow you to donate special effects to weapons that can be very useful in fights, especially against the most difficult enemies to defeat. There are two ways to get mutators: buy them from the Dwell merchant you find in Ward 13, or by defeating bosses and enemies. Below, here is a complete list of all Remnant 2 mutators divided into two categories: melee and ranged.

Remnant 2 melee mutators

remnant 2 darvish


  • Location: Sold by Dwell for x75 Relic Dust + x500 Scrap.
  • Effect: Increases Melee Damage by 20% for 10s when activating a Skill.


  • Location: It can be found in N'Erud, The Hatchery, Void Vessel Facility, or The Dark Conduit, dropped by The Progeny miniboss.
  • Effect: Melee Strikes increase the damage of the next Backdash Evade Attack by 4%. Max 5 Stacks. Lasts 7.5s.


  • Location: Drops from Firth: The Oathkeeper during the Card Jester event. When choosing cards, choose the devil.
  • Effect: Increase Melee damage by 5% for each unique Negative Status the target is suffering from.


  • Location: It can be found in Yaesha, The Lament, dropped by Wither. To find it, solve the Consort's Puzzle and loot the coffins right after opening the door.
  • Effect: Melee Critical Hits increase Melee Critical Chance and Critical Damage by 5% for 7.5s. stacking up to 5 times.


  • Location: It can be found in Yaesha, Forgotten Field. Drops from the Defiler at the boss fight of the level.
  • Effect: Reduces the Stamina Cost of all Charged Melee Attacks by 25%.
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  • Location: Sold by Dwell for x75 Relic Dust + x500 Scrap.
  • Effect: Gain 10% Melee Damage when Grey Health is present.

Shield Breaker

  • Location: Sold by Dwell for x75 Relic Dust + x500 Scrap.
  • Effect: Melee Attacks grant a Shield for 2% of Max Health. Max 20%. Last 10s.


  • Location: It can be found in Losomn at The Executioner Event. Drops from The Executioner.
  • Effect: Charged Melee Attacks cannot be interrupted and gain 10% damage reduction from all sources.


  • Location: Morrow Parish, Losomn. The boss is found inside the shed located outside of the asylum courtyard. Players have to open the door to let him out.
  • Effect: Melee Hits increase Melee Damage by 3% for 10s Max 5 Stacks.


  • Location: N'Erud, dropped by Fetid Corpse at the Void Vessel Facility.
  • Effect: Melee Hits generate 5% Ammo Reserves for both Firearms. Cooldown 10s.

Vampire Blade

  • Location: Dropped by Fester in Endaira's End.
  • Effect: Increases Melee Damage by 10% while within 10m of a BLEEDING entity.

Vengeful Strike

  • Location: It can be found in The Labyrinth. Dropped by Bastion in the Bastion Event.
  • Effect: Increases Melee damage by 20% when below 50% Max Health.


  • Location: Sold by Dwell for x75 Relic Dust + x500 Scrap.
  • Effect: Basic Melee Attacks increase the next Charge Attacks by 7%. Max 5 Stacks.

Remnant 2 ranged mutators

remnant 2 bandit


  • Location: Drops from The Weald Stalker and The Gnarled Archer, dual boss in Yaesha.
  • Effect: On hit, grants a 10% chance to return spent Ammo directly into the magazine of this weapon.


  • Location: Sold by Dwell for x75 Relic Dust + x500 Scrap.
  • Effect: Ranged Hits increase the next weakspot Hit by 10% per stack. Max 5 Stacks.


  • Location: Drops from Atrophy and Rot Stalker at Endaira's End or from a hidden boss named Atrophy in Endairas. It was an enhanced Root Slasher. He's found in the hidden library behind a pressure plated wall.
  • Effect: Mod use increases Fire Rate of this weapon by 10% for 7s.

Deadly Calm

  • Location: Sold by Dwell for x75 Relic Dust + x500 Scrap.
  • Effect: Continuously Aiming increases Ranged Damage by up to 10% over 3s.


  • Location: It can be found in Yaesha, The Coffin event that possibly can be found in The Chimney or The Twisted Chantry, it is dropped by the miniboss Rot.
  • Effect: Increases Magazine Capacity of this weapon by 20%.


  • Location: Dormant N'Erudian Facility, activate the control panel to manually trigger the purge in the secret area where you find the Biome-Control Glyph instead of killing all the mobs. Kill the ensuing miniboss to obtain it.
  • Effect: Attached Mod deals 10% additional Mod Damage.
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  • Location: Sold by Dwell for x75 Relic Dust + x500 Scrap.
  • Effect: Using this weapon's Mod generates 10% of single charge value as passive Mod Power over 10s. Does not stack.

Ghost Shell

  • Location: It can be obtained after interacting with the Rotten Thaen Fruit. Wear the Red Doe's Sigil in front of the Ravager and Red Doe's Statue in The Widow's Court to reveal a secret passage to find the Rotten Thaen Fruit.
  • Effect: After 3 consecutive Weakspot Hits, increase the damage of the next Weakspot Hit by 20%.


  • Location: Sold by Dwell for x75 Relic Dust + x500 Scrap.
  • Effect: Increases Mod Damage by 10%.


  • Location: Losomn, Harvester's Reach. Dropped by Barghest the Vile.
  • Effect: Increases this weapon's reload speed by 3% for each enemy killed between reloads. lasts 7s Max 5 Stacks.


  • Location: Imperial Gardens, dropped by Mantagora.
  • Effect: When this weapon scores a Critical Hit, it increases Critical Chance and Critical Damage by 1.5% for 3s. Max 10 stacks.


  • Location: N'Erud, dropped by E.D. Alpha at the Tower of the Unseen.
  • Effect: Shots from this weapon have a 20% chance to return spent Ammo to reserves.


  • Location: Sold by Dwell for x75 Relic Dust + x500 Scrap.
  • Effect: Reloading increases the damage of this weapon's next shot by 10%. Last 3s.


  • Location: Root Earth, drops from Bane in Twilight Vale.
  • Effect: Increases Charge Speed of Bows and Fusion Rifles by 10%.


  • Location: N'Erud, Terminus Station. Interact with the machine found at the secret passage where you find the Constant Variable Ring. Or, N'Erud, Tower of the Unseen. Drop down the large hole in the middle of the first main area, and continue down until you reach a hallway. At the end of it will be a room with a large energy source. Interact with it to fight the Restless Spirit, which drops the mutator.
  • Effect: Mod Use applies SLOW status on all enemies within 7.5m for 3.5s.


  • Location: N'Erud. Dropped by W.D. 109 at the Void Vessel Facility, The Hatchery, or The Putrid Domain.
  • Effect: Picking up Ammo increases Ranged damage by 10% for 20s.

Twisting Wounds

  • Location: Dropped by Grime Crawler at either Butcher's Quarter or Cotton's Kiln, Losomn.
  • Effect: Increases Ranged damage of this weapon by 10% to BLEEDING targets.
All Remnant 2 Mutators
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