Remnant 2 All Relics

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Remnant 2 All Relics

Relics, as the primary consumable for healing and receiving bonuses, have a limited number of charges, which begin at three. However, players have the option of increasing these charges through the upgrading procedure. Adventurers can boost their efficacy and resilience by improving their relics, unlocking even more potential. In this article, we will provide you with a complete list of the Remnant 2 all relics that you can acquire throughout your playthrough.

All relics in Remnant 2

  • Dragon Heart: On use, heals 70 Health over 0.5s.
  • Bloombing Heart: On use, heals the user for 35% of caster's Max Health over 5s. Spawns 3 Healing Orbs which grant 35% of caster's Max Health over 5s. Orbs last 20s. Recasting removes previous Orbs.
  • Crystal Heart: On use, regenerates 100% of Max Health over 10s, Movement Speed is reduced by 50%, and incoming damage is reduced by 25%. Lasts 10s.
  • Decayed Heart: On use, causes the next 3 instances of enemy damage taken to trigger 40 Health regeneration over 3s. Lasts 30s.
  • Lifeless Heart: On use, heals 30 Health over 0.5s. Relic capacity is doubled.
  • Pulsing Heart: On use, pulses every 3s, healing allies within 7m for 20 Health over 0.5s per pulse. Lasts 15s.
  • Quilted Heart: Does not provide standard healing. On use, negates Stamina Drain and cause Evades to heal for 15 Health over 0.25s. Lasts 20s.
  • Reprocessed Heart: On use, converts 5 Health to 40 Mod Power per second for 25s for Both Weapons. Cannot die from conversion.
  • Resonating Heart: On use, regenerates 50% of Max Health over 5s. When heal ends, any overhea| Health is Doubled and awarded over the next 20s.
  • Ripened Heart: On use, heals 35 Health over 0.5s and an additional 70 over 5s.
  • Runed Heart: On use, increases Health Regeneration by 5 and generates 500 Mod Power over 10s.
  • Salvaged Heart: Innate 50% Use Speed bonus. On use, heals 30 Health over 0.25s and restore 300% of current Grey Health.
  • Shielded Heart: On use, grants a Shield for 100% of Current Health. Lasts 20s or until Shield is removed by damage.
  • Siphon Heart: On use, grants 10% of base damage dealt as Lifesteal for 10s.
  • Tormented Heart: Innate 20% Use Speed bonus. On use, deals 240 Explosive damage to enemies within 10m and Lifesteals 25% of damage dealt.
  • Tranquil Heart: Passively grants 2 Health Regeneration per second. On use, doubles All Health Regeneration for 15s.
  • Void Heart: On use, reduces incoming damage by 50% for 4s. When buff ends, heals 100% of missing Health over 0.75s.
  • Enlarged Heart: Innate double use speed. On use, heals 140 health over 0.5s. Relic capacity is halved.
  • Constrained Heart: On use regenerates 20 Health per second for 5s and grants 2 Stacks of Bulwark while heal is active.
  • Unsullied Heart: On use, heals for 100% of Current Health over 0.5s.
  • Diverting Heart: On use, reduces Skill Cooldowns by 1s for sec. Lasts 15s.
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remnant 2 relics

Remnant 2 All Relics
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