All Palia Stormseeker Medallion Locations

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All Palia Stormseeker Medallion Locations

As in any self-respecting game of the genre, even in Palia, there are some sort of artifacts to find. In case you don't know how, in this guide, we will provide you with all the Palia Stormseeker Medallion locations so that you can continue your adventure. In fact, in Palia, you will have the opportunity to explore different temples, each linked to a different element. The Palia Stormseeker Medallions are tied to the Temple of the Gales and will need to be found once you receive a letter from Zeki and talk to him inside the Night Sky Temple.

What Are Stormseeker Medallions in Palia?

In order to be able to complete the Vault of the Gales Bundle at the Night Sky Temple, you will first need to give offerings to the sub-bundles. This, then, is where Stormseeker Medallions come into action. In fact, they are necessary to complete the Stormseeker Bundle. Once you have been able to complete the entire Vault of the Gales Bundle, you will be rewarded with the recipe to create the Emberborn Bookshelf. In addition to the Stormseeker Medallions, there are also other types of items that you will need to obtain to complete the other three bundles. Here's what they are:

  • Fairywind Bundle
    • Jewelwing Dragonfly
    • Gossamer Veil Moth
    • Golden Glory Bee
    • Rainbow-tipped Butterfly
  • Cloudcurrent Bundle
    • Rainbow Trout
    • Thundering Eel
    • Giant Kilima Stingray
    • Stormray
  • Pie in the Sky Bundle
    • Crab Pot Pie
    • Apple Pie
    • Blueberry Pie
    • Shepps’ Pie
  • Stormseeker Bundle
    • Stormseeker Medallions x6
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Palia Stormseeker Medallion Locations
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Palia Stormseeker Medallion Locations

Now that we have given you a general overview of what these medallions are and what they are for, the time has come to tell you exactly where to find them. Luckily for you, they aren't very difficult to find and with our clues, it shouldn't take you long before you can finish the mission and get your reward.

Stormseeker Medallion #1

The first medallion is the easiest to obtain. In fact, as soon as you decide to talk to Zeki at the Night Sky Temple, he will automatically give you the first medallion you need. At this point, what you will have to do is find the other five which are all located in the Bahari Bay area.

Stormseeker Medallion #2

The second Stormseeker Medallion is in the underground mines northwest of Windy Ruins. We suggest you go into the mine, a bit south of the entrance. Then, go down more and pass through a secret path covered in leaves. It might be a bit dark, but don't worry, just keep going. Next, drop down the hole behind the pile of stuff. It might seem scary, but trust us, it's safe. And when you do, you will find the second Stormseeker Medallion waiting for you.

Stormseeker Medallion #3

The third Stormseeker Medallion is located very close to the mine into which you jumped for the second one. It's just nearby! Find a chest and open it up. Inside, you will find the item waiting for you. It's as easy as that!

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Stormseeker Medallion #4

To find the fourth Stormseeker Medallion in Palia, go north to the Old Lighthouse. Before you walk across the bridge, take a look to your left. There's a little shelf on the rock where you can spot an Ancient Treasure Chest. And guess what? Inside that chest is the Medallion you have been searching for. So, don't rush. Take your time to explore around before you hurry over the bridge.

Stormseeker Medallion #5

The fifth Stormseeker Medallion is also on a ledge in the rock near the bridge. Remember, the bridge you need is a bit further to the northwest. It leads to the Ancient Aqueduct, a really old waterway.

Stormseeker Medallion #6

The last Stormseeker Medallion is on a ruined building east of the Flooded Fortress. It's a bit broken down, but don't worry. All you need to do is glide from the closest hill. Once you do that, you will grab the last item for the Stormseeker Bundle.

Palia Stormseeker Medallion Locations

All Palia Stormseeker Medallion Locations
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