All Nightingale Sites of Power and Locations

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All Nightingale Sites of Power and Locations

This article features all the sites of power and locations in Nightingale.

Nightingale features procedurally generated maps, and to enter each site of power in the map, fans need to meet a specific Gear Box rating. For instance, the Aquarian Site of Power location requires you to have at least a 20 Gear Box level. You won't be able to unlock the specific site of power if you don't.

Sites of Power in Nightingale are sort of like mini-dungeons to compete in Sites of Power in Nightingale grant Major Realm Cards, and until now we've spotted only one Site of Power yet, which is the Aquarian Site of Power. The Realm Cards which the Sites of Power grant you can allow you to unlock several additional content throughout the story, as you progress through the world of Nightingale. We've outlined the complete list of Sites of Power currently in Nightingale.

All Sites of Power and Locations in Nightingale

Antiquarian Site of Power

The Antiquarian Site of Power is located near the Abeyance Forest Realm. This Site of Power is located right behind the Wilhelmina Sasse.

Before entering the Antiquarian Site Of Power, a pro tip is to complete the Quest located at the Essence Trader. You'll do the Quest for an NPC, and you can recruit him to help you combat in the Site of Power quest, while also giving you a hand in collecting tools weapons and other resources.

All Solo Leveling Arise Characters

Once completed, you can recruit the survivor to your squad, and they can assist you in combat and help you collect vital resources when supplied with the right tools and weapons.

How to use Nightingale Realm Cards

As far as we know, Sites of Power offer powerful Realm Cards, and only a Realmwalker with a decent gear rating in-game would be able to step into them. Realm Cards can be used to activate portals using Realm Card Machines or a Realm Card Transmuter, which resemble an old-time Victorian printing press and can be found near portals in the open-world game.

To activate a portal with a Realm Card, you need to drag and drop a Biome Card and Major Card from the collection you have, into the empty slots in the Realm Card Machine’s menu. And then proceed to open the portal. The Herbarium Site of Power is a large temple-like building with a red gate.

Have a Gear score of at least 50 to access this site of power. It is of no use interacting with this gate with a lower gear score, and you have the correct gear score it opens right up when you get there.

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