All Lies of P Stats Explained

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All Lies of P Stats Explained

The Lies of P stats, as in any other game of the genre, are a fundamentally important aspect to take into consideration. Thanks to them, in fact, you will be able to shape your character and, consequently, also your way of playing. We remind you, in fact, as in any soulslike, focusing on improving some statistics rather than others can lead you to approach the game in a totally different way.

For this reason, therefore, we wanted to create this article in which we explain in detail all the Lies of P stats that are present, so that you are best prepared when you decide to level up the character. If you are curious to know what every single stat in the game is for, all you have to do is continue reading this article to find out.


One of the first Lies of P stats that you will surely intend to improve is your Vitality. This stat, as you can guess from its name, is directly linked to your character's health. If you decide to spend some Ergo on this stat, as you improve it, your health bar will also improve and will become larger and larger, as will your Guard Regain capabilities.

Since this statistic allows you to increase your life, have improvements in blocking attacks and the possibility of restoring your health more efficiently, it is certainly a safe and sensible choice to invest some ‘Ergo in this stat, especially if you are at the beginning. If you then realize that you have invested too much in this stat and you need Ergo to be able to improve one of the others we will talk about, you can always make use of the respec mechanic, which however will not be available from the beginning but only in the phases advances in the game.


This is another of the Lies of P stats that we recommend investing in right away. Vigor, in fact, is a vitally important attribute in a game like Lies of P where knowing how to manage stamina and having a bigger bar is perhaps more important than having improved health, especially if you have a more frenetic way of playing and aimed at attacking. As in all soulslikes, in fact, Vigor is very important to be able to run, attack, and dodge. In times when enemies are much or more powerful, spending some Ergo on this stat will be something you won't regret doing.

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That said, although it is a stat that is important to increase whatever your way of playing or your build, it is normal that if you are aiming to create a more powerful build that uses heavy weapons, spend some Ergo for increasing this parameter is almost an obligatory choice. In fact, using heavy weapons will consume more stamina and therefore you will find yourself running out of it sooner, something you certainly don't want to happen in the most important moments.


This stat signifies the weight Pinocchio can carry as you wander the streets of Krat. The higher your capacity, the more you will be able to carry more various objects such as amulets and weapons. Obviously, even in this case, it is a stat that it is recommended to always keep an eye on and that it is necessary to improve in such a way as not to be weighed down and therefore not be able to move with agility, which is fundamental in a game like Lies of P.

In addition to the ability to carry more items, this stat also allows you to have bonuses regarding statistics that are linked to your Legion Arm. In fact, if you improve this parameter, the game will also allow you to use your Legion Arm's abilities for longer before they are no longer usable. As a result, if you need to use these skills more often due to the way you play, spending some Ergo on this attribute can definitely be a useful thing to do.

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Now let's go into a little more detail about the statistics with the next three which will be linked more to the use of weapons and magic than to the general statistics of the character. Motivity represents strength and therefore represents the force with which you will attack your opponents. This statistic, however, is often linked to the use of heavy and large weapons, so we advise you to check its rank so that you can see all the benefits you can have if you decide to improve this parameter.


If the previous stat was linked to heavy weapons, Technique is instead linked to small and light weapons that require a faster and more immediate way of playing. Since there are many weapons that are part of this category, our advice is to check the rank to see how effective it is to improve this parameter rather than another for that specific weapon. If you prefer to be fast rather than lethal, spending Ergo to improve this attribute is definitely the right choice to make.

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We have now reached the last stat present in Lies of P. Advance practically represents the magic that is present in other games of the genre. The purpose of this parameter is to increase your defenses against status ailments, as well as increase damage from elements that you inflict on your enemies. Consequently, if you are thinking of building a build that uses spells and elements rather than weapons, you should definitely spend some Ergo to improve this parameter rather than the other Lies of P stats.

Lies of P soft caps explained

Once we have described in detail all the Lies of P stats that are present in the game, the time has come to dedicate a few lines to the Lies of P soft caps. As in any other game of the genre, in fact, the various stats have soft caps which, once reached, mean that the improvements in that statistic are smaller and it is therefore more convenient to focus on another stat.

There are no specific breaking points for each of the Lies of P stats, but what we can tell you is that once you have reached a level between 30 and 40, the benefits of improving that particular stat are very minimal, with an increase of 1-3 for each level increased. Consequently, once you reach the Lies of P soft caps, it is better to focus on other parameters.

But why is this mechanism present? There is no precise answer to this question. The thing we can hypothesize is that the development team decided to make the Lies of P adventure as balanced as possible so that we could not create builds that are extremely strong and make the game too simple. Lies of P is a game where you will have to persevere and refine your skills to get the better of your enemies, so adding a mechanic that would have made this aspect easier would have been at odds with what is the soul of the game.

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All Lies of P Stats Explained
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