Albion Online PvP Tips

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Albion Online PvP Tips

In Albion Online, as we have already explained in great detail in another article, there is also the possibility of taking part in the PvP mode. Since you will have to clash with other people, this will not be easy at all, especially for those who are not used to this type of game. For this reason, therefore, some Albion Online PvP tips could be useful to you.

In this article, we will give you some tips on how to best deal with this mode that is present in Albion Online, as it is a feature that is of great importance. Gathering resources, crafting items, and tackling dungeons is certainly fun, but in the long run, you might get bored if you don't add a touch of spice to your adventure.

Albion Online PvP Tips

Before getting to the heart of the matter, we want to tell you that PvP in Albion Online is not simple at all. First, you need to understand how you need to approach it and what the various areas are. In fact, not all areas in Albion Online are governed by the same laws. We talked about it in detail in this article, so if you are completely new to the world of PvP in Albion Online, we invite you to read how it works first.


Equipment is definitely a key part of Albion Online. It allows you to deal with the threats that are present on the game map with more or less ease, so you will have to keep an eye on what your equipment is and try to get one that is always of a better level. However, do not bring everything you own with you.

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In the red and black zones, in fact, once you die, you will lose everything you have in your inventory and you will have no way of getting it back. Consequently, bring with you only the equipment you really need to tackle that area and leave everything else in the nearest city depot. You certainly don't want to lose all the resources you have accumulated over time, do you?

Albion Online PvP Tips


Escaping is not always frowned upon by players, but there is no shame in not being able to deal with a certain threat at that moment. For this reason, if you see that you are about to encounter a situation where you will certainly not get out alive, run away. If you don't know what other players want to do, escape is your best friend in the dangerous lands of Albion Online.


Another very important thing to best deal with PvP in Albion Online is your trusty steed. In fact, if you have a mount, you will be more likely to survive since you will also be faster at escaping from threats. Therefore, our advice is to always stay on the saddle, unless you are forced to dismount.

In fact, the thing you need to know is that you won't be able to use your powers or launch attacks as long as you're on your steed. So, if you have to get into the action, it's something you can't miss. Furthermore, in case you are forced to dismount, we inform you that doing so near another player will give you a block on normal attacks and a 5 second cooldown on powers.

Albion Online PvP Tips


Weight plays a very important role throughout the game, not only in the PvP part but probably even more so in the latter. If you exceed the maximum weight capacity you can carry, your movements will be increasingly slower, and you will understand that this is something you absolutely cannot afford. So, don't fill your pockets too much, and try to also make use of the bags that can be attached to the mounts to carry more items.

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One thing you can do to get to know the players around you better is to inspect them. This way, you will not only be able to understand what objects they carry with them, but also their object power. This parameter is very important to compare your strength with theirs and determine whether or not it is worth attacking them.

Albion Online PvP Tips


As soon as you enter a new area, you will have a shield that will protect you from any danger present in that area. Its duration is 30 seconds in case you don't interact with anything; otherwise, the shield will disappear as soon as you touch objects, monsters, or players.

Also, be aware that you won't be able to use this shield again for 60 seconds after it deactivates, so keep this in mind when scouting ahead. Obviously, if you move away from the entrance to the area, this recharge time will reset and you will be able to use the shield again.


In Albion Online, there are Sanctuaries of Invisibility, which are located right near the exits that lead to the black areas of the map. They allow you to hide your true direction from other players, at least until you reach a safer area of the map. So, if you want to go unnoticed, make use of these Sanctuaries.

Albion Online PvP Tips
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