Alan Wake 2 Scratch Boss Guide

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Alan Wake 2 Scratch Boss Guide

Alan Wake 2 is definitely a game focused more on exploration and investigation rather than combat, but that doesn't mean there aren't bosses to face. One of these is the Alan Wake 2 Scratch boss, which is the final boss of the game. Unlike what you might think, this boss fight is actually very short and will not require a very complex strategy to complete. However, in this article, we will give you some advice that you can use to avoid having any kind of problem while facing the Alan Wake 2 Scratch boss.

How to beat Scratch in Alan Wake 2

The first thing you need to know before getting into the heart of how to tackle this boss fight is that Scratch is nothing more than an alternative version of Alan himself. So, as Saga, you will have to fight against Alan in a version possessed by Scratch and the Dark Presence. Although it is not a very long boss fight and does not have several phases, you still have to keep in mind that Scratch is able to fight very aggressively, and therefore you will need a lot of ammunition to be able to put an end to Alan's agony.

The only way you can defeat Scratch is to make use of two large lights that are near the lake and then make the boss follow you to that very place. It might seem like an easy thing to do, but in reality, it is not really like that because the entity will still try to hit you throughout the whole process and each light will take a good amount of time to move, which will leave you vulnerable to its blows.

All Sons of the Forest Enemies

Alan Wake 2 Scratch

In this phase, the attack you will have to pay the most attention to is the one in which he will try to hit you with a pipe wrench, as it is capable of inflicting a large amount of damage. Therefore, you will have to be vigilant and careful and avoid this move at all costs. However, luckily for you, you will also have the help of your partner Casey, who will try to use a large spotlight to stun Scratch, which will allow you to move the lights we told you about before with ease.

At this point, once you have managed to position the lights properly in the direction of the cell, enter them so that Scratch follows you. Once this is done, a cutscene will start, which will lead you to the last chapter of the game and, consequently, the Alan Wake 2 ending. By doing so, in all reality, you will not have actually defeated Scratch, but you will have bought some time to better prepare the final plan now that you have understood how to actually defeat the entity. However, be aware that there won't actually be another fight with Scratch; there will only be a short sequence in which you eliminate him once and for all.

Alan Wake 2 Scratch

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