Alan Wake 2 Ending Explained

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Alan Wake 2 Ending Explained

Alan Wake 2 is a game where the plot is the focal point of the entire game. Given its nature, there are many secrets and mysteries inside that only the most attentive players will be able to find and decipher. Therefore, to have a clear vision of the end game, you should not overlook any type of detail, even the one that may seem most insignificant to you. For this reason, in this Alan Wake 2 ending explained article, we will explain in detail everything you need to know about the ending of the game. Obviously, given the nature of the article, there will be many spoilers in this regard, so we advise you to continue reading only if you have already finished the game.

Does Alan Wake 2 have multiple endings?

The first thing to underline, even before going into details and telling you in detail what happens in terms of the plot, is that Alan Wake 2 does not have multiple endings. Although the game wants you to believe that you can choose one ending rather than another, in reality, this is not the case at all. Consequently, don't worry too much about what you will do during your adventure, as all players will witness the identical ending anyway.

In any case, as soon as you approach the point of no return, the game will warn you that from that moment on, the final mission of Alan Wake 2 will begin and that you will therefore be heading towards the end of the game. After all the vicissitudes you will have experienced during your adventure, Saga will finally have a plan in mind to implement. Saga has learned that Mr. Scratch is the man behind the events that are happening in Bright Falls.

However, while Saga will be preparing to carry out her plan and make Mr. Scratch become a person with a corporeal form using an explosive, Alan will also be busy completing his part of the mission. Alan, in fact, will finally have managed to arrive at Mr. Scratch's apartment in what is an alternative version of New York. However, as soon as he sets foot in this apartment, Alan will realize that it will seem very familiar: it is, in fact, the same apartment as him.

After watching a video of his wife Alice trying to explain the reason behind his latest photography exhibition, Alan is filled with anger and blames Scratch for what happened and for tormenting his wife all this time. Meanwhile, Alan will see a figure near the desk in the room and without thinking twice, he will shoot, only to realize that he has shot himself. Mr. Scratch, in fact, is nothing more than an alternative version of Alan, in which there is the Dark Presence inside him. At this point, Saga and Alan will have the task of putting an end to everything that is happening in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 Ending Explained

Alan Wake 2 final boss fight

As expected from what we have ascertained so far, the final boss fight of Alan Wake 2 will be against Alan himself. At this point, we know that Saga's plan works and you will have to defeat the alternate version of Alan to finally conclude your plan. Alan (or Mr. Scratch) will come out of the lake and Saga will try in every way to point the lights that she had strategically placed in the area towards him to be able to eliminate the darkness that lies inside.

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Once the battle is over, Saga will actually manage to lock Mr. Scratch inside a cell, although she will remain stuck there with him. At this point, the two will close the door and have all the lights directed towards them to eliminate the darkness permanently. However, this will cause the place to explode and the two will be catapulted out, unconscious. After recovering, however, the bad news doesn't end. In fact, Scratch will head towards Casey to possess him since Alan will now have been freed. The two are unable to stop him and the man runs away.

At this point, Alan will wake up in an altered version of Bright Falls but there is something strange: everyone is obsessed with his story; they do nothing but talk about it. As soon as Alan manages to find a copy of his book, the city begins to decay around him, so he starts running until Rose (the waitress met at the beginning of the game) opens a door to save him and orders him to quickly go to Alan Wake 2's Writer's Room to end it once and for all.

Alan Wake 2 Ending Explained

It's not over for Saga

Saga, meanwhile, will be stuck in her Mind Place. However, it will not be like during the adventure and there will no longer be any type of note inside it. At this point, Saga will try to reconnect the pieces of herself, and in doing so, she will see a vision of herself trapped in the Dark Place. Saga will begin to write some of her notes again, but they will not be like the previous ones and will only underline all the mistakes that the woman has made during her life.

In desperation, Saga will begin to wonder whether what he is experiencing is reality or not, until he concludes that the Dark Place and the Mind Place are actually the same place in Alan Wake 2 and that therefore there is no way out. escape for her. At this point, Saga will begin to use her flashlight to eliminate the darkness present in the room and see some flashbacks in which she will see some objects that are significant to her, such as a bracelet from her daughter, an FBI certificate, and a bottle of whiskey. This will allow her to understand that nothing is lost and that Casey can actually be saved, as already happened for Alan, that her daughter is still alive, and that she can escape from that place.

Alan Wake 2 Ending Explained

Alan Wake 2 ending

Once she escapes the Dark Place, Saga returns to New York City and hears a payphone ring in the distance. Once answered, a woman will tell her that, to put an end to this story, she will have to find some objects inside a shoebox. At this point, Saga meets the sheriff, who will give her a page from Alan's book explaining how teleportation works. Following all the steps to the letter, Saga finds herself in the New York subway, where the shoebox containing Alan's Clicker and a bullet shrouded in light is located.

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At this point, Saga returns to the Mind Place and there she will meet Alan again. Alan will explain to Saga her plan to save her partner. Then, Saga teleports to the Writer's Room, and Alan will give her the last pages of her manuscript. By doing so, the two will be able to save Casey from Scratch's possession and finally end all the horrors they have had to experience throughout their adventure.

However, before claiming victory, there will be one last battle against Scratch. The man will emerge from the doorway and Saga will use the Clicker and the projectile to hit and inflict damage on the man. At this point, however, everything will be in slow motion as Alan will start to question himself about the whole issue, as shooting Scratch means shooting himself. As soon as everything returns to normal speed, Saga will realize that she managed to save Casey, to the detriment of Alan.

In the epilogue of Alan Wake 2, we will again see Alice, Alan's wife, who will speak to him. She will start talking about what happened, saying that she investigated and remembered what happened. Alice ended up trapped in the Dark Place and managed to get out thanks to Alan's light. However, she decided to return so she could stage her last exhibition and help Alan solve the mystery. Furthermore, Alice will also say that to put an end to everything, Alan will have to experience this loop at other times, and with these words, Alan will wake up from his apparent death.

Alan Wake 2 Ending Explained

Alan Wake 2 ending explained

The Alan Wake 2 ending is not so simple to explain because the previous chapter must also be taken into consideration. In any case, what certainly seems to be very clear to us is that Scratch is practically the embodiment of all the defects and negative things present in Alan's personality, which therefore takes the form of his doppelganger and who serves as the antagonist of the game, personifying what can be considered evil.

Furthermore, we must also take into consideration the fact that Control, another Remedy game, is part of the same universe as Alan Wake 2 and this is not something to underestimate at all. In fact, in addition to the fact that the game has a DLC that is linked to Alan Wake, Alice, the protagonist's wife, makes it clear during the epilogue that she has managed to get in touch with an organization that deals with investigating these supernatural events. As a result, she is likely working with them to find a solution to break the loop in which Alan has been imprisoned for years.

Consequently, what we saw in the epilogue makes us think that this is not the end of the story of Alan Wake. It seems that there is a way out for the writer; it's up to him to find it (perhaps with external help). For this reason, we think that how everything was structured (the events of both games, not just Alan Wake 2, have a circular structure) could lead to the creation of a future DLC or sequel in which Alan can finally get out of the Dark Place and where we can get some answers about the Saga storyline.

Alan Wake 2 Ending Explained

Alan Wake 2 Ending Explained
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