Alan Wake 2 Ranger Cabin Rhyme Puzzle Solution

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Alan Wake 2 Ranger Cabin Rhyme Puzzle Solution

What is the Alan Wake 2 Ranger Cabin rhyme puzzle solution? In Alan Wake 2, you will have the opportunity to break the rhythm of the main story by dedicating yourself to some secondary activities, such as solving some puzzles that you will find scattered around the game map. An example is the Alan Wake 2 Ranger Cabin rhyme puzzle, which you can complete, as always, during the Local Girl chapter. In this article, therefore, we will explain to you in detail all the steps you will have to take in order to arrive at the solution to this puzzle and redeem the rewards that await you.

Alan Wake 2 Ranger Cabin rhyme

As happened in the case of the Coffee World rhyme, to complete the Alan Wake 2 Ranger Cabin rhyme, you will first have to complete some objectives related to the main story. After you have found and inserted the fuse inside the Kalevala Knights workshop, in fact, you will finally have access to the area where this rhyme is located. At this point, what you will have to do is go to the most northwestern part of the map in order to come across the Ranger Cabin.

Be careful about approaching the place too quickly, as there will be wolves that will try to attack you. For this reason, proceed with caution and, first of all, think about eliminating these two enemies. Once this is done, using the screwdriver, you can force the padlock that closes the cabin. At this point, head upstairs, and here you will find some dolls that you will need to complete the Alan Wake 2 Ranger Cabin rhyme (and more). To be precise, both dolls are on the dress to the right of the bed.

All Sons of the Forest Enemies

Once you have both dolls, return to the first floor and exit through the back door. Again, be careful, as a wolf will attack you. Eliminate the threat and you will now be able to interact with the Alan Wake 2 Ranger Cabin rhyme that is in the area in order to complete it. Then, place the maiden doll on the tree and the bear doll on the heart. By doing so, you will have reached the Alan Wake 2 Ranger Cabin rhyme puzzle solution.

Once this is done, you can finally take your reward. Solving this puzzle will give you the opportunity to take the FBC charm, which will be found inside the cabin, on the bed near which you collected the dolls a few moments ago. This upgrade will help you increase the damage you deal, as long as your enemies are unaware of your presence. It is, therefore, a very useful enhancement for all those who prefer a more stealthy style of play.

Alan Wake 2 Ranger Cabin rhyme

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