Alan Wake 2 Nightingale Boss Guide

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Alan Wake 2 Nightingale Boss Guide

The Alan Wake 2 Nightingale boss is the first boss you will encounter during your adventure. Alan Wake 2 doesn't have many boss fights to take part in, but that doesn't mean that they can't put you in difficulty, especially if you decide to play the game on maximum difficulty. For this reason, in this article, we have decided to provide you with useful advice to get the better of this boss and be able to continue with your adventure.

How to beat Nightingale in Alan Wake 2

The first thing you need to know about this Alan Wake 2 Nightingale boss is the fact that his fight will be divided into different phases, three to be exact. The main thing to keep in mind for the entire duration of the fight is that the Nightingale has great resistance, so it's not you who is doing something wrong, it's just the type of fight that takes time to complete.

The general advice is to be patient and cautious, and to strike only when you are confident in doing so, trying to avoid as many attacks as possible. Furthermore, you will have to focus on hitting the boss's vital points more, so as to inflict greater damage and also consume fewer resources. In fact, if played on maximum difficulty, Alan Wake 2 isn't all that generous in terms of resources, so wasting as little as possible is certainly a wise choice.

Phase 1

During the first phase of the fight, when Nightingale attacks you with a tree branch, you will have to make use of concentrated blasts to eliminate her shield. This will serve you both to make the boss more vulnerable in general, but also to expose his weak points which you will be able to recognize thanks to the fact that these are parts of his body that will start to glow red. These points are very important because they allow you to deal a lot of damage, however, once they are no longer present, the strategy is to try to hit Nightingale in the head.

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While you try to implement this strategy, don't forget that you will have to be careful of his attacks. Nightingale, in fact, is capable of carrying out very powerful attacks that you will have to dodge. Consequently, dodge the blow at the top and decide which direction to move in (for overhead attacks, the most effective choice is to move to the side; in case his attacks are horizontal, the best choice is to go backwards).

Ultimately, as regards this first phase, Nightingale does not have ranged attacks in his arsenal that can create problems, but his attacks are still fast and inflict a lot of damage. For this reason, what you will have to do is adopt a more defensive strategy and attack only when you are truly sure you can. Once you have dealt enough damage, Nightingale will teleport and the second phase of the battle will begin.

Alan Wake 2 Nightingale

Phase 2

As soon as Nightingale is gone, you will see a dark red vortex appear on the screen. Obviously, do not try for any reason in the world to get close to this tornado, as it is very dangerous and is capable of inflicting continuous damage on you. What you will have to do at this point is to find another way out. So, look behind you and try to spot minor paths that can take you to safety.

Unfortunately, we can't tell you exactly which path to take as they are random. The advice we can give you is to continue without ever stopping except to collect the resources that you can find inside the containers that are present in this area. Continue in this way until you have left the tornado behind, but don't celebrate too soon because Nightingale is ready to make his return and begin the third phase of the battle.

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Alan Wake 2 Nightingale

Phase 3

This third phase of the battle will be slightly different from the first. Once Nightingale returns after being lost in the forest, he will start attacking you with ambushes. In fact, in this third and final phase of the battle, Nightingale will suddenly begin to come out in dismay from behind the bushes and shelters found in the battle arena. Furthermore, his shield will make its return in this phase and you will have to worry about hitting the boss on the head, as his weak points highlighted in red will no longer be present.

The thing you need to keep in mind is that Nightingale will have to be defeated three times in this last phase, so don't rejoice the first time you manage to defeat him. However, the good thing is that his attacks have not changed compared to those in the first phase, but you will still have to be more careful due to the ambush effect he will use. Once defeated the first time, Nightingale will disappear into the woods again and then return again trying to take you by surprise.

However, once you manage to defeat him for the third time in this last phase, Nightingale will effectively be dead. Unfortunately you will not receive rewards for defeating this Alan Wake 2 boss, but you will still be able to proceed with the story and witness a very interesting cutscene that will make you better understand the story of the game and why you are doing what you are doing.

Alan Wake 2 Nightingale

Alan Wake 2 Nightingale Boss Guide
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