Alan Wake 2 Math Problem: How to Solve the Battery Stash

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Alan Wake 2 Math Problem: How to Solve the Battery Stash

What is the Alan Wake 2 math problem solution? If you have passed the initial phase of the game, you will surely know that Alan Wake 2 is a game in which there are many puzzles to solve. Some of them are more complex than others, such as the battery stash puzzle, which will put you in front of the solution to a mathematical problem. If mathematics isn't your strong point, don't worry. In this Alan Wake 2 math problem article, we will explain to you in detail all the steps you will have to take to obtain the resolution, so that you can also understand the reason behind the simple numerical solution that we will provide you.

Alan Wake 2 battery stash puzzle solution

The solution to this puzzle is that B2 has 496 amps. Consequently, the code you will need to enter to open the stash padlock is 496. This is the short answer to the Alan Wake 2 math problem but, of course, in this article, we will also provide you with a detailed solution so that you understand the purpose of this code. Indeed, how did we decipher the puzzle and arrive at this solution? Below, we explain all the steps.

The first part of the note lets us know that if we add B1, B2, and B3, we get 1600 amps. The second part tells us that B1 is equal to 2 times B3 and that B2 is equal to B3 + 128. As a result, we get the following equations:

  • B1+B2+B3=1600
  • B1=2B3
  • B2=B3+128
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What you need to do now to reach the solution to the Alan Wake 2 math problem is to replace the last two equations in the main one. By doing this, you will get the following:

  • 2B3+(B2+128)+B3=1600

Following the algebra steps, we can combine and simplify the previous equation, making it look like the following:

  • 4B3+128=1600

At this point, all you have to do is simplify everything and do the math to obtain the following:

  • 4B3=1472
  • B3=368

Now that you have discovered how much B3 is worth, finding out how much the other two unknowns are worth will be child's play, since we know all the elements we need. Accordingly, this is the value of B2:

  • B2=368+128=496

As a final step, all you have to do is replace both variables in the original equation to verify that your calculations are correct, so that you can arrive at the solution we gave you at the beginning of the article:

  • 2(368)+(368+128)+368=1600

Once you have opened the container (either directly using the code provided or having solved the Alan Wake 2 math problem), you will find supplies inside, such as crossbow bolts, trauma pads, and shotgun cells. These are items that will certainly come in very handy during your adventure, so our advice is to stop for a moment from the main objectives and dedicate some time to solving the puzzles.

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Alan Wake 2 math problem

Alan Wake 2 Math Problem: How to Solve the Battery Stash
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