Alan Wake 2 DLC: What We Know So Far

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Alan Wake 2 DLC: What We Know So Far

Although the game has only recently been released, many are already asking questions about an Alan Wake 2 DLC. Luckily, for those who can't wait to continue the story of Alan Wake, you'll be pleased to know that the developers have already confirmed their future plans for an Alan Wake 2 DLC. Furthermore, post-launch updates are also planned, which will add new features to the game, such as New Game Plus and photo mode.

Alan Wake 2 DLC is in the way

To tell the truth, Remedy has already announced two expansions for Alan Wake 2 that will be released over time. As usual, owners of the standard edition of the game will be able to purchase these two expansions separately, while all those who have already purchased the Deluxe Edition will not have to purchase anything because the Expansion Pass, which includes both DLCs, is already present inside. But what do we know, regarding the plot, of these two Alan Wake 2 DLCs? Let's find out together.

Night Springs

The first Alan Wake DLC will be called Night Springs and will allow you to take on the role of some of the iconic characters from the series. As for the plot, we know that it will revolve around a fictional TV series called Night Springs, in which the characters will experience mysterious and inexplicable events within the episodes that make up this TV series. As for the launch date, there is no certain news, but it should be released during 2024.

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The Lake House

In this second Alan Wake 2 DLC, however, players will once again be able to witness the realities of Alan and Saga, which will overlap and interchange, following the logical thread that we saw in the main chapter of the series. As far as the plot is concerned, we know that a government organization, a research facility, and scientists will be included in it, but we don't know in detail what it could be about. What we can presumably hypothesize is that it could give us some answers to the Alan Wake 2 ending. Also in this case, finally, we know nothing about the launch date, but it should also be set for 2024.

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Alan Wake 2 DLC: What We Know So Far
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