AKM vs FCAR: Which Medium Weapon Is Better in The Finals?

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AKM vs FCAR: Which Medium Weapon Is Better in The Finals?

To settle the AKM vs FCAR debate, here is a detailed comparison between the two Medium-class weapons in The Finals

AKM and FCAR are two of the most used weapons by the Medium class players. Both are fully automatic assault rifles with unique stats that make them very different from one another.

The community of The Finals is split when it comes to the FCAR vs AKM debate. While some prefer the high magazine size and close combat advantage of AKM, others enjoy the holographic sight and more manageable recoil of FCAR.

In this guide, we will compare these two rifles of The Finals and conclude which one’s better for the Medium class.

AKM vs FCAR: Comparison

Let’s look at the stats of AKM and FCAR, comparing their fire rate, damage and other essential aspects. Many of the stats are collected from THE FINALS AIO 2.0.


AKM has a lower damage output per bullet, taking away 20 health per body shot and 30 for every critical hit to the head.

FCAR does 26 damage on a single body shot and 39 per headshot.

In the battle of damage, FCAR is the clear winner. Hitting headshots with this weapon lasers through enemies and the kills feel more satisfying.

With the FCAR, you will do 260 damage per second with body shots and 390 with headshots, compared to AKM’s 200 body shots and 300 headshot damage per second. These stats prove that you can kill enemies much quicker with FCAR if you hit your shots.

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Magazine Size & Reload Time

AKM is the superior option in terms of magazine size, holding nearly double the number of bullets as the FCAR.

There are 36 bullets in AKM’s magazine, while FCAR holds only 20. Therefore, you will have to reload FCAR more frequently, and this is where the reload time comes into question.

Since AKM is equipped with a bigger magazine, it takes longer to reload – 2.6 seconds, to be exact. FCAR’s 1.8 seconds reload time is much quicker.

Overall, if you prefer having more bullets, AKM is definitely going to be your preferred weapon. However, the longer reload time and lower damage may not be for everyone.

Fire Rate

Both weapons have the same fire rate: 600 rounds per minute. FCAR’s fire rate may feel higher sometimes due to its increased damage output.

Time to Kill

As expected, FCAR will kill the enemies much quicker due to a higher damage count than AKM. Here are stats:

  • AKM
    • Light Build TTK: 0.70
    • Medium Build TTK: 1.20
    • Heavy Build TTK: 1.70
  • FCAR:
    • Light Build TTK: 0.50
    • Medium Build TTK: 0.90
    • Heavy Build TTK: 1.30


AKM and FCAR have completely different recoil patterns, but the latter’s recoil lowers after a short period, and you can resume lasering the opponents.

AKM’s recoil is harder to control than FCAR’s, and it makes sense due to its higher bullet count. Therefore, if you are having trouble controlling the recoil of the Medium’s default rifle, switch to FCAR.

Aim Down Sights (ADS)

There is no scope on AKM, while FCAR is equipped with holographic sights. Therefore, FCAR is much better for long-range fights and landing consistent headshots. Moreover, its more forgiving recoil allows you to kill enemies faster.

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Hip Fire

While FCAR is better for ADSing, AKM is the master of hip fire. Your shots will land more consistently with AKM’s hip fire, making it a more reliable option for close-range combats. On the other hand, FCAR’s hip fire is much more inaccurate, and its low bullet count does not help when an invisible Light player stuns you during a fight.

AKM vs FCAR: Which Weapons Is Better?

During my time playing The Finals with the Medium class, FCAR has provided more consistent results. I prefer it over AKM for the following reasons:

  • Faster Reloads: FCAR’s faster reload is excellent during 3v3 encounters, as you need to quickly get back into the engagement with your team to avoid losing any members.
  • Better ADS: I like to use the Recon Sense ability in the Medium class, allowing me to control the distance of fights. With the superior ADS of FCAR, it’s much easier to kill enemies who are far away.
  • Effortless Recoil: The more straightforward recoil pattern of FCAR also helps in landing consistent shots, and its high damage does the trick in killing enemies quickly.

Which One Should You Use?

Even some of the top players of The Finals are divided on this debate, which likely points to the reality of both weapons being very similar to one another in terms of quality. Therefore, you should pick whichever feels better for you. Some players like the high bullet count of the AKM and its ability to kill easily in close-range combat. In contrast, FCAR’s more manageable recoil and high damage are preferred by others.

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AKM vs FCAR: Which Medium Weapon Is Better in The Finals?
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