Ahri Gets Herself a Makeover With the Newest League of Legends ASU

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Ahri Gets Herself a Makeover With the Newest League of Legends ASU

LoL’s arguably the most popular champion finally gets an updated look in-game.

There is a joke among the player base that Riot is reserving certain skins for Ahri for the hard times, as nearly every skin for the champion makes the company the big bucks. But despite her popularity, Ahri had a pretty scuffed in-game model with a lot of old splash art. So no surprise when Riot chose as their second attempt at an Art and Sustainability Update (ASU).

ASUs are primarily focused on sustainability, mainly making it easier to develop skins for the team behind the scenes, with the art being the secondary focus. Devs try to bring older champions to modern days using ASUs without changing any gameplay mechanics. And after a very long waiting time, Riot introduced the finished version of the new and improved Ahri, which also hit the Public Beta Environment, PBE. Ahri ASU will be on the live servers with LoL patch 13.2, which is on January 24.

The main in-game changes are made to the base and 1350 RP and lower skins, which tend to be older so they needed more work. The dev team also updated all of the Ahri skins in the game to match the new modern in-game model. Ahri’s ability icons also got updated with the new ASU, just like Caitlyn’s before her.

According to the Lead Concept Artist working on the project, Thomas “Riot Hylia” Randby, the team “opted to blend elements from her appearance in A New Dawn, her Wild Rift turntable, and some small homages to her Ruined King appearance, making use of luxurious silken fabrics and long flowing hair but retaining certain elements to emphasize her more wild side as well as her innate Vastayan grace.”

The new Ahri’s hair is a bit wilder to reflect the inner power struggle and her desire to sate her basic instincts, themes seen in the Ruined King game. Her stance is also a lot more lore accurate, as she levitates with a glow in her eyes during her ultimate Spirit Rush. Players test out the Ahri ASU on PBE right now, or on live servers when she is released on January 24.

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Ahri Gets Herself a Makeover With the Newest League of Legends ASU
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