AFK Journey Thoran Character Guide

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AFK Journey Thoran Character Guide

AFK Journey gives its players the opportunity to choose from a myriad of different characters to tackle the various game modes that are present. Obviously, not all of them will be available by default but will need to be unlocked, but it is still important to know how to use them to get the most out of them. One of them is Thoran.

In this AFK Journey Thoran guide, therefore, we will provide you with all the information we have on this character so that you can better understand when and how to use him, what his abilities are, etc. If you are considering the idea of using this character in your team, you are definitely in the right place.

AFK Journey Thoran Guide

Thoran is a really strong Tank in AFK Journey and he's part of the Graveborn faction. When he's in battle, he can come back to life after being defeated, and he can send back some of the damage he takes to whoever attacked him. For this reason, he's one of the toughest Tanks you can get in the game.

But you have to be careful with him. When Thoran gets knocked out, the other team might start targeting your other heroes, like the ones who deal lots of damage or heal your team. So, you need to put Thoran in the right spot on the map. You can team him up with another Tank who can take hits while Thoran gets back on his feet. Also, Thoran can dish out some serious damage himself. So, all in all, Thoran's a top-notch Tank, but you need to be smart about how you use him.


Now that we have provided you with a general overview of Thorna in AFK Journey, the moment most awaited by all players has arrived: getting to the heart of the matter by talking about the skills that are present in her arsenal. In fact, they are very important to fully understand in order to be as effective and efficient as possible on the combat field.

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Ultimate Skill: Soul Retaliation

Thoran takes a bit to get ready, but then he swings at nearby enemies, hitting them hard. He deals 200% more damage than usual, plus an extra 180% based on the hits he took while charging up. Plus, he gets back 20% of the damage he deals with in terms of health. And while he's doing this move, he can't be stopped by control effects.

  • Level 2: Plus 200% of the damage received during the charge (unlocked at Level 51).
  • Level 3: Thoran’s soul will complete the slash if his skill is interrupted (unlocked at Level 111)
  • Level 4: Plus 220% of the damage received during the charge (unlocked at Level 171).
  • Level 5: Plus 240% of the damage received during the charge (unlocked at Level 231).

AFK Journey Thoran

Skill I: Soul Plunder

Thoran picks the strongest enemy that hasn't been drained yet and takes away 18% of their health. Then, he adds that amount to his own max health. He also makes that enemy take 13% more damage from everyone for the whole battle. But Thoran can only take up to 600% of his own attack power in terms of health. This skill unlocks when he reaches Level 11.

  • Level 2: Increases drained HP to 20% of the enemy’s current HP (unlocked at Level 71).
  • Level 3: Increases the enemy’s received damage by 16% for the rest of the battle (unlocked at Level 131).
  • Level 4: Ultimate drains another 20% of the current HP from all enemies affected by Soul Plunder to increase his max HP by the amount (unlocked at Level 191).
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Skill II: Resurrection

When Thoran gets knocked out, he comes back to life after a little while with 40% of his health back. But he can only do this once in each battle. This skill becomes available when he reaches Level 31.

  • Level 2: Thoran can revive himself with 50% HP (unlocked at Level 91).
  • Level 3: Thoran can revive himself with 60% HP (unlocked at Level 151).
  • Level 4: Gains 500 Energy (unlocked at Level 211).

Hero Focus

When Thoran attacks or uses his skills, he gets back energy faster by 24%. If he hasn't resurrected yet, his energy recovery gets boosted by an extra 6%.

  • Level 2: Thoran's regular hits and abilities make him recover energy faster by 32%. When he hasn't revived yet, his energy recovery gets a bonus boost of 8%.
  • Level 3: Thoran's regular attacks and abilities boost his energy recovery by 40%. When he hasn't revived yet, his energy recovery gets an extra 10% increase.

Soul Pact

At the beginning of a battle, Thoran makes a deal with the team member behind him. He agrees to take half of the damage meant for that friend throughout the battle. If Thoran gets beaten, that friend gives up 85% of their health to heal Thoran by 150% of that amount. After this, Thoran doesn't protect that friend anymore. This skill unlocks when his Exclusive Equipment is activated.

  • Level 2: When Thoran has the pact, 25% of the damage dealt by this friend heals him (unlocks at Level 5).
  • Level 3: Boosts the healing Thoran gets from the friend's damage to 30% (unlocks at Level 10).
  • Level 4: Raises the healing Thoran gets from the friend's damage to 35% (unlocks at Level 15).

Enhance Force

Thoran's big move drains 20% of the health from all enemies hit by Soul Plunder. Then, he adds that amount to his own maximum health.

AFK Journey Thoran Character Guide
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