AFK Journey Best Team Comp

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AFK Journey Best Team Comp

AFK Journey is a game in which it is vitally important to choose the right team not only when you have to face the game's bosses, but also for the various modes that are present or to simply continue your adventure. For this, you should definitely take a look at the AFK Journey Best Team Comps.

In this article, therefore, we will give you all the information you need to be able to build the absolute best teams that you can use on any occasion. If you are reading this article it is because you want to try to fully exploit the potential of AFK Journey.

AFK Journey Best Team Comp

As we said, in AFK Journey there are teams that you can use based on what you have to do. Since there are different modes you can play in the game, it is not possible to give an overall AFK Journey Best Team Comp, but we have decided to divide the article into different sections. In each of them, we will tell you what the AFK Journey Best Team Comp is to be able to best tackle that particular mode.

Story Mode


Let's start by providing you with the AFK Journey Best Team Comp as regards the story mode. If you intend to follow the plot of the game, know that there will be some difficulties during your adventure, so having an excellent team is certainly very important and useful. Furthermore, this is the perfect mode to start getting familiar with the game without there being any major repercussions.

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Our advice is to tackle the story mode using a combo of characters belonging to the Tank, DPS, and Healer classes. As for the other two slots you have available in your team, you can choose more flexibly which characters to assign them to. So, it really depends on what your way of playing is, whether it's more offensive or more defensive or whether, instead, you prefer something more balanced.

  • Tank: Thoran
  • DPS: Cecia
  • Healer: Rowan
  • Secondary: Smokey (Healer), Antandra (Tank), Brutus (DPS), Silvina (DPS), Viperion (DPS)

AFK Journey Best Team Comp

Dream Realm Mode

Providing the AFK Journey Best Team Comp for this Dream Realm mode is almost impossible. The bosses in this mode change practically every day and are not all the same, but have their own characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. However, despite this, there are some characters who are always useful, regardless of which boss you face.

The most important role in this case is certainly that of the Healer who must be chosen carefully, while, as regards the others, there are several options that can be effective and efficient in almost all cases. So, even here, you still have a certain freedom of experimentation (for more information, we suggest you consult the individual guides on how to face the bosses in AFK Journey).

  • Tank: Thoran, Temesia
  • DPS: Marilee, Kruger, Odie
  • Healer: Smokey & Meerky, Reiner
  • Secondary: Cecia (DPS), Vala (DPS), Cassaee (DPS), Koko (Support), Damien (Support), Lucius (Tank)
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PVP Mode

Finally, let's talk about what the AFK Journey Best Team Comp is regarding the PVP mode, which is perhaps the most complex mode of the game and which most requires having the right team to rely on. However, precisely because it is PVP, you have much more flexibility here, as it depends a lot on your way of playing and how you decide to approach this challenge.

Despite this, there are still some characters that should be included in your team a priori, as without them you would not be able to have a long life in this mode, or in any case the difficulty will rise significantly. If you want a calmer experience that doesn't put too much strain on your skills, here are the characters you should choose.

  • Tank: Thoran
  • DPS: Eironn, Silvina, Lyca
  • Healer: Reinier, Rowan
  • Secondary: Koko (Support), Hewynn (Support), Shakir (DPS), Vala (DPS), Cecia (DPS), Themesia (Tank), Antandra (Tank)
AFK Journey Best Team Comp
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