AdvanceClub Looks To Provide Safe Learning Environment For Fortnite Players

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AdvanceClub Looks To Provide Safe Learning Environment For Fortnite Players

Bugha and MrSavage lead the way for AdvanceClub – a safe subscription-based website for Fortnite players looking to learn from the best and grow their game.

What is AdvanceClub?

AdvanceClub is the newest tool for both aspiring and established Fortnite players. This comprehensive website partnered up with Fortnite World Cup Champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, DreamHack Anaheim Champion Martin “MrSavage” Andersen and Secret Skirmish winner Timothy “Bizzle” Miller to provide insight into the minds of Fortnite's top competitors.

Beginning in 2018, Fortnite became one of the most sought after competitive esports titles. The Fortnite World Cup showcased the likes of Bugha, MrSavage and Bizzle on a global stage. All three players have accomplished more than most of their peers at such young ages. Their minds hold the key to the many intricacies involved in competitive Fortnite. AdvanceClub looks to create a safe environment for subscribers to learn the complexities of Fortnite in one centralized location. It could be a revolutionary and option for players looking to elevate their understanding to the next level.

Comprehensive Guides from Top Players

Pro Fortnite player MrSavage in a dark room with four blue lights and an AdvanceClub sign behind him

Arguably AdvanceClub's most intriguing function lies within its Advance Class – currently featuring Bugha, MrSavage, Bizzle and Fortnite coach ImSpeedyGonzalez. This section of AdvanceClub grants subscribers the capability of learning tips and tricks from three Fortnite Champions and a highly-regarded coach. Each player's Advance Class features their history in Fortnite, daily routines, early game, mid-game and end game tips, VOD reviews, mentality and more.

We had a chance to speak with AdvanceClub's CEO JT Nguyen, and asked him why he decided to start this endeavor with Bugha and MrSavage.

“Bugha and MrSavage represent the community well and they are smart about how they handle their brands,” said JT Nguyen. He mentioned that both players are much more mature and grounded than most competitors their age. “Even though they are at the top, they are very humble and they are just normal kids.”

We asked Nguyen if AdvanceClub would like to bring more pros into the fold sometime down the line. “The answer is yes, of course, we will,” said Ngyuen. “The only caveat is if their brand represents and lines up with what we (AdvanceClub) are trying to build, and it could be across games. It could also be not just pros, but casters, analysts, any influencers within esports we think are very relevant for this space.” Ngyuen did not divulge any particular names that he plans on adding to AdvanceClub.

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Updated Content With Each Passing Season

Pro Fortnite player Bugha sits in a theater chair in the dark with an AdvanceClub hoodie on

Fortnite changes consistently from week to week and season to season. AdvanceClub's Club Now section offers updated content for subscribers. It will feature weekly videos to keep followers updated with each season to help them understand the meta. Those videos will come from MrSavage and Bugha in particular. AdvanceClub CEO JT Nguyen provided more insight into the Club Now section and how it will provide longevity with each passing season of Fortnite.

“With Bugha and MrSavage, we set up agreements to work with us on content every month, and so the first Club Now content from MrSavage and Bugha will be ‘What are all the updates that are important to you and just your strategies and tactics around the game?'” spoke JT Nguyen. “Every aspect of changes will be delivered in Club Now.”

Fortnite analyst/caster MonsterDFace and coach ImSpeedyGonzalez have put together videos on avoiding mistakes, box fighting tips and how pro players find success in large scale tournaments. These are some of the perks available to members of AdvanceClub. Considering the differences from one season to the next – it will be necessary for AdvanceClub to keep its subscribers updated promptly.

Coaching Sessions and Working with Parents

AdvanceClub will connect members with top Fortnite coaches like ImSpeedyGonzalez for some one-on-one sessions in addition to Advance Class and Club Now. In particular, coaches will VOD review and provide instant feedback on gameplay. AdvanceClub has plans to screen and add more coaches in the future. We asked JT Ngyuen to elaborate on the coaching aspect of AdvanceClub.

“If you look at Speedy, that's his bread and butter,” said Ngyuen. “He wants to keep you up-to-date with the meta and beyond the meta, so you can teach yourself to really analyze and improve with the changes.”

Parents of young players also have an incentive to access AdvanceClub regularly with the ‘Parents' section.

“The Advance Pass includes everything we offer in one location, helping you or your child achieve their goals in Fortnite. Whether you're looking to get more wins, qualify for tournaments, or build a social following with their Fortnite skills, AdvanceClub has the tools to Advance your Game!”

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Tournament Offerings

A logo for the AdvanceClub Members Cup with a gaming LAN event in the background

Members of AdvanceClub will have direct access to the website's tournament platform. The first tournament will take place later this month, featuring a $2K USD prize pool.

“We are collaborating with one of the top organizers for Epic tournaments. They helped admin the Intel Cup and worked with Epic directly the last couple of tournaments. It will be for all of the members that enroll within our subscription,” spoke Ngyuen. “We will set up a series of Battle Royale tournaments and score them, similar to what they do in the bigger tournaments.”

JT Ngyuen then detailed how members will have the chance to compete against website partners Bugha and MrSavage. “Our intention is, we would run this [tournament] monthly. Once that is complete, we may take a set of the winners and run a really large Pro Cup, which probably includes Bugha, Savage and the top 20 pros.”

What is the Staying Power of AdvanceClub?

After reviewing a test version of AdvanceClub, the content seems promising. Being able to dive deep into the minds of Bugha, MrSavage and Bizzle seem infinitely valuable. Each player has their personalized Advance Class with an immeasurable amount of information. We asked CEO JT Ngyuen to clarify AdvanceClub's mission statement and provide a long-term plan for this subscription-based Fortnite academy.

“We want to empower every gamer to achieve their own greatness,” said Ngyuen. “That could mean anything in fan and gamer. It doesn't actually mean that you have to play the game. We just want you to engage and enjoy the experience of either watching, playing, whatever it is with the game. Any aspects of building that for these esports fans and gamers is as wide as we will go.”

AdvanceClub's CEO then provided some examples of what the website could grow into in due time.

“We could build it into a large community of fans for a particular game where they are engaging and building user-generated content around the game and engaging with the pros,” posed Ngyuen. “I don't have a great answer in terms of what the product will look like, but at the end of the day, where I see the value is this brand represents a safe place for fans and gamers to really learn, train, compete, engage and enjoy the community that they are working with.”

AdvanceClub is now live at Advance Pass subscriptions cost $9.99 per month with full access to all the tools mentioned above.

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