Analyzing the Fortnite Championship Series

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Analyzing the Fortnite Championship Series

Fortnite Championship Series

With the Fortnite World Cup in the rearview mirror, many are questioning what is next. Thankfully, the team behind Fortnite has revealed the next installment in their esports journey. Coinciding with the release of Season X, the Fortnite Championship Series is now official. The statement from Epic Games indicates that “This in-game tournament series will have a persistent leaderboard where players can track their progress towards becoming the Seasonal Champion in each of the server regions. The mode for this inaugural Fortnite Champion Series will be Trios.”

There is a lot to dissect with this announcement. Trios taking the place of Duos is certainly an apt place to start. The absence of an Arena Duos was noticeable at the beginning of this season, and with Trios rapidly growing as a popular playlist, this does not come as much of a surprise. We have already seen many professional players testing the waters in Trios. A Trios Cash Cup took place before World Cup, and Williams ‘NRG Zayt’ Aubin, Rocco ‘Ghost Saf’ Morales and Tim ‘Ghost Bizzle’ Miller finished in first. Solos World Cup Champion Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf also managed a top 5 finish alongside fellow Sentinels players Nick ‘Aspect’ McGuire and Owen ‘Animal’ Wright.

Competitive Trios

High-level players are working hard to perfect their Trios strategy, and even more so with the recent in-game changes that Season X produced. Rotation will be difficult and the professionals will have to adapt. Another point to analyze is the announcement of a persistent leaderboard as the weeks progress. Teams will seemingly accumulate points each week and the top players will appear in the finals. With how quickly leaderboards can flip in competitive Fortnite, any of the top talents are in play.

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This will breed intense competition week to week, which means all the big names can attempt to make it to the Season X Championship. The Season X Championship will begin on September 20th and end on September 22nd. These are exciting times for Fortnite followers.  We now have another guaranteed month of intense competitive matches. On top of this, we can see players like Bugha, aqua, Nyhrox and many more in a different environment outside of Solos and Duos.

The Longrun

Fortnite Championship Series
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It will be interesting to see what route the Fortnite team decide to take leading up to next year’s World Cup. The Fortnite Championship Series might just act as a trial run to see how Trios works out. All patching gripes aside, this is the best time to be a fan of high-level Fortnite.

The amount of money and effort being put into the scene is significant. Because of this, there is seemingly a high-stakes tournament every week. The lesser-knowns and the popular all seem to be on an even playing field. Now is the time for the unknown to step, and for the best to remain at the top. If nothing else, Epic Games is showing their commitment to Fortnite Esports as a part of their brand. The game is constantly evolving with each new patch. If Epic Games make the right decisions going forward, we are surely in for an astounding month of competition.

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