A new online platform helps mitigate disputes between esports professionals

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A new online platform helps mitigate disputes between esports professionals

MKM Law LLP launches first-of-its-kind online dispute resolution platform for the esports industry: MKMediation.

Esport is one of the fastest-growing industries with millions of dollars of cash prizes and bigger sponsors coming in at each tournament. As the public wants more content, new organizations pop up all around the world, and players are treated like stars.

However, this rise in popularity comes with some downsides. Players are often young and have issues understanding the full meaning of their contracts, written by lawyers in complicated terms. Some organizations fail to pay their players; like the Turkish esports organization Beşiktaş Esports not paying their League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players.

What can players do in a situation like this? The organization they work with might be from another country; meaning opening a dispute for a cash prize or salary might end up costing more. Thanks in no small part to lawyer’s fees. To help esport professionals avoid a lawsuit and settle their dispute in an easier way, MKM Law LLP launches MKMediation. This online dispute resolution platform uses technology combined with industry experts. It aims to resolve contractual disputes in a fast, cost-effective, and impartial manner through mediation and/or arbitration.

An important innovation in esports law

“This is arguably the most innovative initiative in the history of esports law” said MKM President, Evan Kubes. “Esports is riddled with horror stories about contracts gone awry. Whether it’s players being taken advantage of by the very organizations they represent, or tournament organizers failing to pay out staff or dispense prize money.” said Kubes. MKMediation will enable an alternative to the traditional court system, allowing disputes to “…be resolved quickly and cost-effectively…”

MKM Law LLP is a Toronto-based law firm and management agency dedicated exclusively to esports and content creators. MKM is already representing esports teams, talent, organizations, sponsors, streamers, influencers as well as everyone in-between, giving the company an overall insight of the esport industry.

The goal behind MKMediation is to find a solution for both parties without going all the way to an expensive lawsuit that could take months before ending with a solution. To provide the mediation service, MKMediation is relying on industry experts. These experts act as an independent third party who assists throughout the contractual and settlement negotiations. If needed, the industry expert can deliver a decision to settle the dispute this is called arbitration. If you are an experienced industry veteran or legal professional willing to act as neutral for MKMediation, you can reach out to mkmesports for more information.


A new online platform helps mitigate disputes between esports professionals
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