A Final Fantasy 16 Day One Patch is Coming

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A Final Fantasy 16 Day One Patch is Coming

A Final Fantasy 16 Day One Patch is coming. And here is everything you need to know.

At the Final Fantasy 16 Pre-Launch Stream, we've got some additional info on the upcoming release. The stream was primarily held in Japanese and was mostly a repeat of the Launch Event held last week as part of the Summer Games Fest just for the Japanese audience.

During the stream, the developers of Square Enix's upcoming Action RPG showed off various features, answered some questions, and reacted to the feedback of the Demo launched earlier this week.

Here producer Naoki Yoshida also revealed that the game would come with a Day One Patch, which would go live as soon as preloads started. Previously the developers were hopeful that a Day One Patch wouldn't be needed but apparently, there was no other way around it.

You can find the VOD of the Pre-Launch Stream here. (Warning its mostly Japanese Audio)

Final Fantasy 16 Day One Patch Notes

With the Demo, some players noted that the game had some frame-rate issues in busy areas and the heavily featured Eikon battles in Performance Mode.

During previews, the team promised that in Quality Mode, the game would hit a steady framerate of 30 FPS in 4K (3840 x 2160), and Performance Mode was aiming at 60 FPS in QHD (2560 x 1440).

The producer profusely apologized for the performance issues and stated that they would roll out a Day One Patch and additional patches as soon as possible to stabilize performance and add more features to the game.

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The Patch will feature the following:

  • Fix a control flag issue which can make progress impossible under very specific circumstances
  • Fix an issue wherein the game could close unexpectedly under very specific circumstances
  • Optimize performance in several places
  • Fix some minor text issues.

The patch will be made available on June 20 and will be approximately 300~ MB in size. Yoshida promised that the game would be perfectly playable with the version on the disc, he understands that not everyone has access to a stable internet connection and apologizes for the inconvenience.

Traditionally, the team behind Final Fantasy 16 Creative Business Unit III has always been very on top of fixing issues ASAP. Final Fantasy 14 has a reputation for being relatively bug-free and quickly patched should any issues arise despite being an MMORPG.

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Additional Final Fantasy 16 Patches are Coming

As the stream was going on, Yoshida and his team also reflected on some of the feedback they had gotten from the Launch Event and the Demo. Here they also confirmed that Final Fantasy 16 would receive a fair amount of post-launch support.

Currently, they are considering adding more options for the control scheme, potentially adding the option to customize the entire button layout. (Currently, there are three different control schemes)

More adjustments to the performance in the hope to meet their goals of a locked framerate in both Quality and Performance mode. As well as the option to adjust or turn off the Motion Blur entirely and more options in regard to camera movement speed.

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Final Fantasy 16 Day One Patch

They are also keeping a close eye on feedback after launch and plan to adjust or include more features depending on demand. Not on the scope they're already doing in Final Fantasy 14 but with the intention to future-proof it.

Final Fantasy 16 releases on June 22, 2023, exclusively for the PlayStation 5. A PC version is not yet confirmed but the developers have hinted at a potential release for other platforms.

If you want to play Final Fantasy 16 today and download the Demo on the PlayStation store for free which features the first 2 hours of the main story and a combat demo. Progress of the demo will also carry over into the full release.

A Final Fantasy 16 Day One Patch is Coming
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