A Complete Guide On The Laser Pointer In Lethal Company

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A Complete Guide On The Laser Pointer In Lethal Company

Here is a complete guide on the Laser Pointer in Lethal Company, a unique type of gear that cannot be bought 

Lethal Company is a new survival co-op horror game that came out in October 2023 and is currently in early access. In the game, you are hired by the “Company” to explore different abandoned and industrialized moons to collect scraps for sale. To do so, you have access to many specialized items for defense, health and scrap collection. 

One such item is the Laser Pointer which cannot be bought from the Terminal. It is only found inside abandoned buildings and is one of the least valuable items in the game. Hence, here is a complete guide on the Laser Pointer in Lethal Company. 

Laser Pointer in Lethal Company 

The Laser Pointer is a specialized item in the game which works like a regular laser light. It emits a steady but small red light which illuminates a small portion of where you’re pointing, like a typical laser light. The item has a battery life of only 2 minutes and 20 seconds in total. The distance up to which the laser can point is 20 meters. The pointer’s light is dimmed and barely visible in fog, blizzards, toxic fumes and steam. 

It is mainly used to point things out for teammates to find easily and check for fall hazards, though it is rather useless as you can do so without the help of the item. It is especially useful if you’re outside of the voice chat range and need to point out some scraps that are out of your reach to your teammates for collection. The other use for this item is selling it for credits, though it is very low in value. You can sell it for a minimum of 32 credits, though it sells for an average of 64 credits and a maximum of 100 credits. 

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How to find the Laser Pointer in Lethal Company

As mentioned before, a Laser Pointer is an item that cannot be bought from the Terminal, the shop where you sell scraps and buy items inside the Company building from the red creature, Jeb. It can only be found when you’re exploring different moons in search of scraps to collect for sale. There is no specific place where the item specifically spawns but it is more common to encounter one in hallways. It is advisable to not go looking for this item among scraps, as it is quite useless in terms of aiding exploration, though it is always fun to point at stuff. 

How to use the Laser Pointer in Lethal Company

A Complete Guide On The Laser Pointer In Lethal Company
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The Laser Point is fairly easy to use as it functions quite similarly to a Flashlight, just not nearly as useful. To use the item, you need to first scroll to the inventory slot it is situated in and hold the item in your hand. Then, to turn the laser beam on, you need to press your Left Mouse Button (LMB) and press it again to turn the laser beam off. When you press the LMB once, the beam will stay on as it has a toggle function. You can drop the item like any other item in the game, by pressing “G” on your keyboard.

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Needless to say, once you do find the Laser Pointer inside a building during your explorations, you won’t exactly be thrilled to use it. It is one of the most, if not the most low-value items in the game which don’t have any major use. It is highly advisable to not go looking for it during a run because it is a complete waste. Rather pick it up only when you have extra space in your inventory and want some spare credits to save up for a more useful item, like a Flashlight or Ladder. 

Make sure to check out our guide for the deadly creature, Jester in Lethal Company to actually learn something useful and stay tuned for more such guide content in the future. 

A Complete Guide On The Laser Pointer In Lethal Company
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