8 Ways to Make and Save Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

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8 Ways to Make and Save Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

It's easy to make and save gil in Final Fantasy XIV, we show you how!

Now there might be that weapon on the Market Board you want, or some nice furniture for your house? Don’t worry, we’ll list some simple ways to make some money.


Lots of people tend to ignore their dailies, besides the heavy hitting ones that give lots of Experience points for leveling. But doing all of them, will easily net you some 70k gil, just from doing the dailies. So even if you are at max level, and don’t intend to level anything else. You should still consider doing them, as they are a nice source of income.

Firmament and the Fetes

Since the introduction and completion of the Ishgard Reconstruction, this content offers a plethora of rewards that you can turn into Gil. By doing any kind of content associated with the Firmament, you’ll earn Skybuilders scripts. These can be exchanged for rewards like hairstyles, emotes, rare dyes, minions and even mounts. And you can sell these, some for a decent amount of money. You earn Skybuilders scripts by either doing the crafting and gathering content, which is a great way to level your crafters and gatherers.

These large scale events take place every two days, and then in two hour intervals for a whole day in real time. While you are required to be on a crafter or a gatherer, you will be asked to participate in a series of world quests. Completion, will be reward you with Fete presents and tokens. The presents will give you a random chance to get one of the rewards you can buy for the Skybuilders scripts. While the tokens can be exchanged for additional rewards that can also be sold.

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The Great Hunt

While participating in a Hunt train will easily fill up your tombstone cap for the week. The currency you get for them should not be ignored. The Shadowbringers and Endwalker hunts reward you with the current currency, Sack of Nuts, which you can use to buy Materia of the X variety. The commonly used ones usually go for a nice price on the market board. 

Heavensward and Stormblood content will reward you with Centurio seals, you can turn these in for materials or Aetheryte tickets. Aetheryte tickets are a great way to save money. And if you just do the weekly B-Rank hunts you can exchange them for 40 free teleports, every week. Same goes for the ARR Allied Seals, you can also exchange them for materials or Aetheryte tickets.

Challenge Log

Every week, you’ll be given a list of challenges to complete which will grant you a reward according to its category. And money, also completing the challenge log for completing challenge logs will net you a nice cash injection. They are definitely worth doing, even if you are only aiming for the essential ones.

Wondrous Trails

Oh yes, Khloe and her wonderful book of stickers. Even if it feels like she is trying to rip you off sometimes, having at least a guaranteed map, tomestones or a straight money reward pays off. You simply need to complete nine of her challenges, which should not take long if you do them in an undersized party. It will also give you a shot at Khloe’s grand prizes, including minons or augmented armor pieces. These will guarantee you five materia slots, which you can also sell on the market board for a hefty amount.

Grand Company Seals

Once you have ranked up in your Grand Company, you can exchange older gear and or crafted and gathered items for Grand Company Seals. This currency you can then be use to either buy crafting materials used in housing, glamour prisms. Newly added since Endwalker, you can also exchange them for Lootboxes. Which will get you either a random A Realm Reborn or Heavensward mount or minion. Or the same thing but from Stormblood content. Especially the rarer ones can go for quite the coin.

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The Doman Enclave Reconstruction

You can unlock this content after doing a series of quests and completing the 4.4 story content of the Stormblood expansion. Every week, you’ll be able to turn in items, which shop selling price will contribute to the reconstruction effort. Not only is this a great way of getting rid of unwanted items, especially materia or allagan silver pieces. But you will also get the gil you would be getting from a vendor back, with interest. Once you’ve completed this content, which nets you a title, a neat story and some exclusive items. You’ll also be able to get rid of items for double their vendor value. That's 40k gil every week, for barely any effort.

Deep Dungeon

While explaining Deep Dungeons would possibly be an entire guide for itself (stay tuned for that one). The further you get in either Palace of the Death or Heaven on High, the more likely you are to get their rarer drops. You can exchange these at their respective entrances for random loot. That ranges from sparkly effects and weaker materia, all the way to new hairstyles, mounts and rare items to glamour. Of course, you can also sell them for good money on the market.

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8 Ways to Make and Save Gil in Final Fantasy XIV
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