7 Days to Die Roadmap 2024: What’s Next For the Game After 1.0 Update

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7 Days to Die Roadmap 2024: What’s Next For the Game After 1.0 Update

After more than a decade in early access, 7 Days to Die has finally stepped out of Early Access, with a lot of content and graphical fidelity updates promised in 7 Days to Die Roadmap 2024

7 Days to Die, AKA one of the first ‘Survival horde zombie crafting game’ is stepping out of early access after 12 years, and we have a list of graphical and game content updates lined up for and after the 1.0 release. The 1.0 will be a separate purchase that owners of the legacy copy would have to buy, and the original legacy version would get ‘delisted’.

The developers have, still, however allowed fans to play the legacy version after the 1.0 release, but no further game support of future updates would be released for the legacy version as it makes sense to support the new separate 1.0 release copy of 7Days To Die.

7 Days to Die Roadmap 2024

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1.0 Launch – June and July 2024

The 1.0 update slated to launch early in June will introduce' completely remade vehicle assets, alongside new animals and more. A ‘Challenge' System will be introduced for players across all ranks, alongside many more map props. New Road Decals, New ‘Pols' are. The game will also reportedly have more ‘graphical fidelity' and will be much more optimized than earlier. There are also many more system updates slated to make their way into the game. All of the system updates were not listed in the roadmap released by Fun Pimp Games. The launch update  will also include a new gore system for various zombies, increased zombie variance and more.

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Q4 2024

Fans can expect a new weather system and a biome. The game is slated to introduce several changes and overhaul the entirety of the Progression system for the game.

Fans of the Zombie survival title can also expect additional zombie stages, along with the ability to spawn near friends . The developers also plan to introduce Twitch Drops, AKA in-game rewards gained by watching game-related streams on the platform Twitch. There would also be plenty of outfit-related downloadable content introduced in the fourth quarter of 2024, for fans to customize their characters. Speaking of Oufits, a Wardrobe system is in the works to help the player customize their hero.

Q2 2025

The developers also revealed the addition of new enemy types called “Bandit”, along with a complete overhaul of the UI and Menu system. There would also a new Quest type , along with the introduction of an “Event System.” Fans would be able to complete new ‘events' in exchange for in-game unlockables and rewards.

Q4 2025

On the other hand, the developers have outlined a new “Story Mode” slated to launch during the last four months of 2025. The game would also introduce a new Quest type, along with a complete Trader overhaul.

Additionally, fans who play the game through a Game Pass subscription should be aware that the game will no longer be available on Game Pass after April 1.

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However, in the Legacy console version, you would still be able to play the old delisted 7 Days to Die game, but you can no longer purchase it off of your favorite game shop or online. The developer team also revealed that they are ‘working with Microsoft and Sony to provide a discount for Legacy version owners of the game when they purchase the 1.0 updated game, priced at 44.99$.

Fans also need to note that there would be no save options for you after a Patch release meaning that players would have to start a ‘new game’ everytime the game is updated with a new Patch. This won’t be case ‘eventually’ as Fun Pimp Games are working on introducing changes to the game’s architecture, meaning an option for save game and compatibility across console platforms and updates would be available in the future.

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