5 VTubers You Should Check Out

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5 VTubers You Should Check Out

Do you want to get into Vtubers but don't know where to start? We have a list of streamers and entertainers you should check out.

If you've been hovering around the Streamer and Content Creation space in the last few years, you may have seen an almost concerning rise of VTubers. What are VTubers, why are they here and why should you check them out? We'll get into that here.

Learn everything you ever need to know about VTubers, their agencies as well as some recommendations across the board of the more accessible streamers you should check out.

What is a VTuber And What Do I Need To Know About Them?

VTubing is a trend originating in Japan where content creators stream by using an avatar. Think of it as a picture or 3D model that moves live to the movements of the person streaming. What started simply as animated image streaming, has turned into a mega industry with some really elaborate tech behind it.

Currently, there are three big agencies, lots of smaller ones, and independent VTubers making use of this new tech. It used to be its own genre of streaming altogether, but since it arrived in English and International waters, the line between traditional Streamer/Content Creator and VTuber has been blurred.

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We're gonna recommend some of the bigger creators in the space, so you can get a feel of what VTubing is all about. We'll only list English-speaking ones to avoid any language barriers.

5 VTubers You Should Check Out

Takanashi Kiara – hololive-EN

We'll start things off with Kiara, the feisty, dorky phoenix of hololive-EN who had her debut back in 2020. The owner of KFP (Kentucky Fried Phoenix) is an all-rounder. Be it games streaming, Karaoke, Talkshows, or being an Idol, Kiara can do it all.

While not being the most popular member of the first English generation of hololive-EN (Myth) her staying power lies in just how creative and versatile Kiara's content is. She'll go from a 3D Concert with all the bells and whistles to singing Karaoke while playing Eurotruck Simulator. You should not miss out on that.

Amelia Watson – hololive-EN

If you're looking for someone a little more chaotic, hololive-EN's Amelia Watson might be the pick. The detective out of time embodies what the chaotic neutral alignment is all about. Her gremlin energy can not be understated.

So if you want to watch someone whose antics frequently drive everyone around them insane or brings out the worst in them make sure to tune in to Amelia Watson.

Fuwawa Mococo Abyssguard – hololive-EN

One of the more unique acts hololive-EN has to offer is the duo of FuwaMoco which is part of its third ‘Advent' wave. The demon dog twins are… well.. demon dog twins. They are known for their lighthearted content and their signature “FuwaMoco Morning” Morning Show where they interact with chat.

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Being twins means that they naturally bounce off each other. They are often mischievous when paired with other members but also try their hardest to make each other laugh.

Dokibird – Independent

Dokibird, formally known as- we won't mention that here. Is a variety streamer who returned recently to the scene bringing in tons of viewers from her previous exploits. She has an easy-going personality and is generally pretty likable.

But that's not what you're here for. You come for the Tomanto-bird for tangents and complete derailings of conversations into the absurd. There's no one else who can match her chaotic energy. Especially when she goes on an Apex Legends killing spree.

Ironmouse – VShojo

Ironmouse is probably the most critically acclaimed Vtuber on Twitch if not in the entire English-speaking space. Winning both a Game Award for best streamer and a Streamer for best Vtuber. What brought that success?

Well, Ironmouse might be one of the most effortlessly charming personalities out there. She comes with both a fiery temperament and a surprisingly gentle side. That cumulates whenever she streams with one of the many VShojo or one of her many friends. The hijinks and chaos? Some of the most entertaining, and shrill-voiced content you'll ever see.

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5 VTubers You Should Check Out
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