5 Things Overwatch 2 Players Learn The Hard Way

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5 Things Overwatch 2 Players Learn The Hard Way

These 5 lessons are the ones most Overwatch 2 players learn the hard way; we go over them so you won't have to!

After the arrival of Overwatch 2, the game has more fans than ever before. Even though some people were skeptical about the new game, it seems like most people like what we do. Aside from the improved UI, Blizzard’s latest game has new heroes, maps, game modes, abilities, and so much more. Naturally, this attracts many people, some of whom haven’t had the chance to play yet. 

Overwatch 2 is a complex game where people have to choose between 3 positions and numerous heroes. Each one offers something special, so learning how to play takes time and effort. That said, the game has many “unwritten rules” that players must be aware of. Some of them learn those things as they play, but others have to do that the hard way.


Unsurprisingly, we want to ensure that our readers are prepared for everything when they start playing. So, let’s learn more about the things that you should know.

Stats don’t matter as much

Although Overwatch 2 changed many things for the better, some people dislike that players can check each others’ stats while playing. Even though this change was for the better, many people in the lower ranks used it to flame their teammates. Unsurprisingly, low-ranked DPS players will often start trolling for having more damage than someone, even though they pick heroes like Junkrat, who are known for doing more damage.

One of the things that Overwatch 2 players learn as they progress through the ranks is that stats do not matter as much. Sure, knowing how much damage you’ve dealt or healed is a plus. However, this doesn’t mean you should focus on it because some heroes work differently.

The best example when it comes down to hero damage is Widowmaker. She is often the DPS with the lowest damage output in total, but her headshots can land instant kills. Hence, people who land headshots are more useful than those who spam trash damage just to have high numbers.

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Don’t switch after dying in a 1v1 versus the same hero

The so-called “mirror fights” in Overwatch 2 are quite common, especially in the current meta. Even though all heroes can work under specific scenarios, people prefer using the strongest names in the patch. Consequently, players from opposing teams often have to play against each other on the same heroes.

Needless to say, dying in a 1v1 versus the same hero can be frustrating. The battle between Widowmakers, Hanzos, and so on is exciting to watch, but in the end, someone has to win. If you are on the losing side, it is probably not a good idea to switch to a different hero after dying. Although this might help you land a kill, the fact that you’ve “given up” is usually a good reason for the enemies (and your team) to flame you.

So, before switching, make sure to do everything in your power to win the 1v1 fight. Don’t forget that your opponent will feel more confident if he has already killed you, so try to be unpredictable and show him who’s the boss.

Don’t use the voice chat when it is not needed

If there is something more annoying than a useless Widow on your team, it has to be the guy who uses the chat for no reason. Having access to a voice chat in Overwatch 2 is a huge plus because you can work better with your teammates. However, some people don’t use it for what it is intended.

Sadly, this a problem that you will find while playing almost every online game with a voice chat. It is an issue in CSGO and Dota 2, so don’t be surprised when you come across it in Overwatch 2. Fortunately, you can always leave the voice chat and avoid listening to people who don’t have anything to say.

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Needless to say, you should never be “that guy” in Overwatch 2 that uses the chat for anything else other than in-game information. No one cares about how you’re doing and what you’re up to, everyone is in the game to win.

Don’t be that tank who stays in the open like a training dummy

Many people who want to learn the Overwatch 2 tank role make a lot of mistakes when they’re starting to play. Besides not knowing how to use certain heroes, players often assume being a tank is all about soaking as much damage as possible. Suffice it to say, this is not the case, and you should never stay in the open for no reason.

The current Overwatch 2 setups usually have 1 tank and 2 healers, which means that they can keep the tank alive. However, staying in the open like a training dummy and soaking damage won’t benefit you or your team. Your healers will have to use all of their resources to keep you alive, which means that all of your teammates will be easy to kill.

To avoid ruining the game without realizing it, always be aware of your position and how it can affect your team. The last thing you want is to lose just because you have no idea how to play a tank.

Stop using all chat

One of the most common things you will find in Overwatch 2 while playing in the lower ranks is that people use the all-chat for no reason. Some of them flame their opponents for hacking, others troll, but players use it all the time. As you can probably guess, this is weird, so it is something that you should not do.

Flaming someone for killing you is toxic, and it often has a negative impact on your gameplay. What’s more, there are many situations where it can also affect your team’s performance. You probably don’t want to help your opponents win, so avoid using the all-chat for no reason and focus on your own gameplay.

5 Things Overwatch 2 Players Learn The Hard Way
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