5 Games like Diablo IV

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5 Games like Diablo IV

Here are 5 games like Diablo you should check out.

The Action RPG genre is full of amazing titles, each with strengths and weaknesses. Do you want an endless grinder full of things to do where your hard work pays off in a powerful character by your own design? A narrative experience that seeks its equal? Or just something fun to play with friends. ARPGs got them all. So here are…

5 Games Like Diablo IV

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Path of Exile

Do you want to play Diablo but ask yourself, what if the grind never ends? What if you exchange the addicting hunt for better gear and stronger grotesque monsters to hunt for an island vacation?

Welcome to Wraeclast. Here you need to gather your wits, swallow your pride, and do what you must to survive. Path of Exile is a good time considering that PoE has been ongoing for 10 years, a second installment is on the way and there is so much content that you could play through all installments of Diablo and get about the same playtime.

It is the Action RPG condensed down to these core values, clicking bad guys, looting, leveling, and trading. PoE's skill tree is a thing of legends and the game offers a wide array of options for you to throw yourself at its many challenges over and over again.

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Lost Ark

Maybe you're looking for a more social experience. Lost Ark exploded onto the scene last year as the MMORPG to be after it finally received the highly anticipated English release. Since then the Korean MMOARPG heavyweight has introduced a myriad of updates and doesn't seem to slow down any time soon.

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Its addicting progression and enjoyable gameplay loop are something to behold and things start to pick up once you get to the endgame dungeons. Those are a visual feast and the boss fights really stretch what you can do in this kind of game.

And if you're in doubt, did you know that Lost Ark is free to play? You can easily squeeze out 100s of hours out of this game without ever spending a single dime.

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Minecraft Dungeons

What if you wanted an Action RPG with lots of looting but in the cutesy and familiar aesthetics of Minecraft? Then Minecraft Dungeons might be up your alley after all. It's amazing what Mojang and Double Elven have achieved with this spinoff of the Poplar sandbox builder.

The game is a dungeon crawler through and through. You explore the various caves and slay neverending hordes of bad guys all for that sweet, sweet loot.  Since its release in 2021 the game has received countless updates.

If you're looking for a fun time with up to 4 players, maybe younger ones then this might be the one for an exciting family adventure.

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The indie megahit Hades captured hearts and minds when it finally came out of early access in 2021. This roguelike dungeon crawler was simply something else. You'll meet and build relationships with the various figures from Greek mythology to plot your daring escape from the underworld.

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Not only is the game extremely pretty to look at, highlights Supergiant Games feeble for creating some of the most beautiful titles this industry has ever seen. You also have an almost addicting gameplay loop that dares you to get better with each failed escape.

Its gameplay and look already make Hades a classic, but its voice performances and writing are what put it above and beyond. Even if you're not into this kind of game, the story alone makes it worth getting through it at least once.

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V Rising

How about a game with a more persistent world where you can work towards long-term goals featuring a deeply engaging progression system? Welcome to V Rising we've already reviewed the game in full here so we'll keep it short.

While the game is still in early access, V Rising already offers content galore with a unique take on the Diablo-esque hack n' slash genre. What if we turned it into DayZ or Rust? This game has you build a base of operation, and get engaged in local vampire politics while slowly biting yourself up the food chain. It's nothing short of amazing. So if you want a game that can easily become your next obsession, please give this one a chance.

And that sums up our list. For more on esports and the latest in gaming check us out here on ESTNN

5 Games like Diablo IV
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