A Look Back at The LEC Summer Split So Far

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A Look Back at The LEC Summer Split So Far

We are halfway through the LEC Summer Split, and things are looking quite spicy! Apart from Team BDS, every team is in contention for the playoffs.

But how did we end there?

Starting from the beginning

Although G2 scrapped their way into the playoffs with some bright moments from caPs and co. They went on to turn a 3-1 loss to Fnatic into a brutal massacre and 12 straight winning run, marching on proudly in another attempt to win a silverware, this time – MSI (Mid-Season Invitational).

Summer split so far

Well, despite the big statement from G2 and a solid Week 1 when they recorded a 3-0 streak, things haven't been good so far and they have lost their last four matches in a row.

In the meantime, Rogue are dominating the regular season as usual, Mad Lions are reviving and seem to have forgotten the loss of Carzzy, and Fnatic are just Fnatic – they can win against everyone and then lose the next match-up.

Let's not forget the All-Star team – Team Vitality, which is led by Perkz, Carzzy and Alphari. They've even recently add jungler Haro (from Korea) and Bo (from China) to replace Selfmade.

But there's more to that – Excel Gaming is thriving, Vetheo is taking Misfits on his back, and so on. Let's dig deeper into each team and see what are the key players and evaluate the chances for playoffs, as well as for a place in Worlds.


Rogue had a rough start of the Summer split, as their star player Hans sama left the organization to join LCS and, in particular, Team Liquid. However, after losing their first two ties in Week 1, they have been on a 7-win streak. It seems like the roster has found their new star in Malrang – the Korean wunderkind who is so clutch, the performance of the whole team. But we have to admit Rogue's new AD carry Comp has kept 5.6 KDA.

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Chances to advance to Playoffs: Unless there's a surprise, we don't see Rogue falling short.
Chances to reach Worlds: That's hard to predict, but we believe they're on the right path to qualify for Worlds 2022 easily.
Chances to win LEC Summer Playoffs: Team Rogue are slowly but surely fighting for their first LEC title win.

Mad Lions

MAD made history when they won every European domestic trophy in 2021. In fact, they are the only team apart from Fnatic and G2 to have won a LEC cup since 2015, so it speaks numbers. Mad Lions have been consistent throughout the Summer split and they seem to have overcome the problems they had back in Spring.

One of the biggest heroes of MAD – Armut, has given up playing his favorite Wukong, and started “taking one for the team”. But it has seemed to work well for the organization, and Nisqi seems to have adapted to his new team.

Chances to advance to Playoffs: Not as convincing as Rogue, but they have a good chance to reach Playoffs.
Chances to reach Worlds: It's within reach of God Armut and his army.
Chances to win LEC Summer Playoffs: As good as MAD look now, we don't believe they can win Summer 2022, but you cannot underestimate the Lions!

Excel Esports

Excel have been quite a surprise this Split. Although they've lost their last two games. Beating Fnatic, Vitality, and Mad Lions is quite an achievement. We cannot forget how much Mikyx has lifted the team. The ex-G2 support has had over 70% kill participation.

Chances to advance to Playoffs: A solid performing team. They have a decent chance of reaching the Playoffs if they keep playing well.
Chances to reach Worlds: Mikyx is experienced at playing worlds but the surrounding guys still need something else.
Chances to win LEC Summer Playoffs: Very slim.


Fnatic has been improving every day. Hyllisang seems evergreen and his partnership with his AD duo Upset has started to give results. The addition of Wunder has given stability to this team even more. It's on the way to success.

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Chances to advance to Playoffs: They might be at this position but FNC are winners. We expect them to advance.
Chances to reach Worlds: With all the vast experience at Worlds, we expect them to reach this phase.
Chances to win LEC Summer Playoffs: FNC are always a favorite to win.

Misfits Gaming

Misfits Gaming are building upon what they have achieved in Spring 2022. After a successful 12-6 run, now they're still with a positive balance and doing well. After all, they beat Fnatic and G2, and Vetheo is flying!

Chances to advance to Playoffs: They can reach the stage easily.
Chances to reach Worlds: They're still not ready yet.
Chances to win LEC Summer Playoffs: A negligible chance.

Team Vitality

After creating the latest superteam in the LEC world, Vitality are still fighting to find their image. Will we see more from Perkz & co., or the balloon will blow up soon. We're yet to see!

Chances to advance to Playoffs: Big chances.
Chances to reach Worlds: They have the class and experience.
Chances to win LEC Summer Playoffs: It will be an interesting battle, but with Perkz aboard, VIT can't be written off.

G2 Esports

G2 are not doing fine and after running rampant in Week 1, they have slowed down a bit. But if there is one team to count on in Europe, it's definitely G2.

Chances to advance to Playoffs: Despite their results, yeah.
Chances to reach Worlds: Big ones.
Chances to win LEC Summer Playoffs: G2 has slight opportunities to advance to Playoffs but if they do, they are the favorites to win.

Rest of the teams

Astralis, Team BDS, and SK Gaming have shown some bright moments but are still not ready to take on the other teams. Still, Astralis share the same WR as G2 (44%) and SK is on a 2-game winning streak. So, who knows? Maybe one of these two teams might drop the biggest surprise drop. All we have to do is sit and enjoy the second half of the season!

A Look Back at The LEC Summer Split So Far
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