Overwatch 2 Changes, Some of the General Changes in the Upcoming Game

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Overwatch 2 Changes, Some of the General Changes in the Upcoming Game

If you’ve paid attention to our Overwatch section, you already know that Overwatch 2 will be free to play and feature a new hero. According to the official information, the game will become available on PC and loads of other platforms on October 4 this year.

We had the chance to play the game during the beta, and it is safe to say it will be fascinating. Although some people call it Overwatch 1.5 because the game doesn’t seem that different from the previous one, this is not the case. Some heroes have new abilities and new roles, and we also have access to new maps.

Although it will be tough to cover everything in one article, we will try to provide you with all the information you need to know. Keep in mind that we might see a couple of additional changes once the game becomes available. After all, we have a couple of months until that happens.

Faster DPS, supports passive healing, more resilient tanks

One of the first things that you have to know about Overwatch 2 is that DPS heroes will be faster. Unless Blizzard changes something, every hero that falls into this category should have a 10% increased movement speed. This allows them to be faster and more aggressive when needed.

Of course, Overwatch 2 can’t just provide buffs to DPS heroes because everyone would play them. That’s why Blizzard also gave healers a pretty cool passive healing ability that allows them to heal for 15 HP/sec when they haven’t taken any damage for the last two seconds. Some supports will have problems benefiting from this, but heroes like Ana will feel even stronger.

Last, but not least, we also have to mention tanks. Whether you pick Rein, D.Va, or something else, each hero should have a 30% knockback resistance. Furthermore, these heroes will provide the enemy’s DPS and supports 50% less ultimate charge if they’ve received damage. The idea here is to prevent some heroes from farming their ults from tanks. 

There are loads of changes to some heroes, one of which is Bastion

Overwatch 2 will be a game where some heroes will have new abilities. There are a couple of notable changes, but one of them affects Bastion. Despite not being the best hero for the top players, Bastion plays a key role for new Overwatch fans.

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It seems like Blizzard is unhappy with Bastion's current state and the fact that he is not popular in every bracket. Therefore, Bastion has all sorts of new abilities in Overwatch 2.

For starters, Ironclad is no longer in the game. This was Bastion’s passive ability, but Blizzard decided to remove it. The same applies to Self-Repair and Configuration: Sentry and Tank.

One of Bastion’s new abilities is called “Configuration: Assault” and it lets him become a tank. Once that happens, he can move with 35% less movement speed and deal damage. For now, this ability has a 12 seconds cooldown and a 6 seconds duration.

Bastion’s second new ability is called A-36 Tactical Grenade, and it lets the Bastion deal 130 damage. When used, the ability offers a small knockback and can bounce off walls.

As for Bastion’s ultimate, they has something called Artillery. When used, he can fire three shells to a given location, each with 200 damage. This makes Bastion’s ultimate one of the best for killing a given target.

Doomfist is now a tank

Aside from Bastion, who has all sorts of new abilities, we also have to mention Doomfist. This is one of the heroes in Overwatch that is notorious for his one-shotting capabilities. A good Doomfist player can make a real difference, and it seems like this will also be the case in OW 2.

With that being said, Doomfirst is no longer a DPS. To be fair, he was one of the tankiest DPS heroes in OW, and people often used him as an off-tank. This probably played a role in Blizzard’s decision to move him to the tank role.

Since he has to soak up a lot of damage, Doomfist now has 450 HP instead of 250. He also no longer has his Rising Uppercut, the ability that allowed him to escape from danger and land kills when possible.

Doomfist’s Rocket Punch also deals up to 30 damage, whereas the Wall Slam is now set to a maximum of 40 damage. In other words, he shouldn’t be able to land as many kills as before.

Aside from the ability mentioned above, Seismic Slam and his ultimate are also different. The first ability allows him to launch in the air and create a shockwave after landing. The latter will deal 50 damage and slow the enemy’s movement speed by 30%. As for Meteor Strike, the ability does slightly less damage and slows down targets by 50% for 2 seconds instead of knocking them back.

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Doomfist also has a new ability called Power Block. As its name suggests, it lets the him block 90% of the incoming damage. Furthermore, taking over 100 damage allows his Rocket Punch to do 50% damage and have 50% more speed and distance and up to a 1-sec stun.

Orisa could be one of the most powerful heroes 

The last hero we’d like to focus on in this article is Orisa. Like Doomfirst and Bastion, she has all sorts of new abilities. It seems like they will transform her from a tank that soaked up tons of damage to an offensive machine capable of killing loads of enemies.

In Overwatch 2, Orisa won’t have a Protective Barrier, Halt! and Supercharger. Fortunately, the her base armor is up to 25 and the HP is also 250.

Orisa’s first new ability is called Augmented Fusion Driver and it fires a large projectile that becomes smaller the further it travels. This is one of Orisa’s sources of doing damage, and this option uses the overheat mechanic. This means once she uses it too often, it will be unavailable for the next three seconds.

Fortify is another ability that Orisa will have access to in OW 2. It will provide her with 120 Overhealth and reduce the movement speed by 20%. What’s more, this will reduce the overheating problem for the Augmented Fusion Driver by 50%.

Another exciting ability that can help Orisa is called Energy Javelin. When used, Orisa throws a Javelin that deals 80 damage, knocks back the targets, and has a 0.2s setup. If Orisa hits someone with the Javelin and the target hits a wall, it will receive an additional 40 damage and an extra 0.3 stun.

As its name suggests, Javelin Spin is an ability that she uses to spin this weapon for 1.75 seconds. During that time, Orisa gains a 60% movement speed buff and destroyers the enemys’ projectiles. Alternatively, this ability also deals 90 damage and pushes enemies.

Lastly, Orisa also has an ability known as Terra Surge. This ultimate allows her to pull enemies in and get Fortify. This deals AoE damage for 4 seconds and up to 225 damage, depending on its duration. While it is active, Terra Surge deals with low DoT and reduces the enemy’s movement speed by 30%.

Overwatch 2 Changes, Some of the General Changes in the Upcoming Game
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