Overwatch: The Least Picked Heroes in The Master Bracket

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Overwatch: The Least Picked Heroes in The Master Bracket

We take a look at the least popular heroes in Overwatch's Master Bracket.

Overwatch allows people to complete in seven different brackets. Most people start at Bronze, but they can eventually reach Grandmaster if they know what they’re doing. Unsurprisingly, unlocking this level is easier said than done, which is why most players only reach Master.

Every bracket has its top heroes, and this one is not an exception. If you look at Overbuff, you will see that Ana, Roadhog, and Mercy are among the most famous heroes. Even though knowing what to get is essential, this article will share information about the heroes with the lowest pick rating. 

The fact that these heroes don’t get to shine that much doesn’t mean they are bad. In fact, some of them have a pretty impressive win rating, so let’s check them out.


The first name on this list won’t come as a surprise to many of you. Bastion is a fantastic hero and probably one of the best damage dealers in the game. However, he can’t move while using this primary damage stance, making him an easy target.

Since players in the Master bracket are good at the game, they know how to avoid Bastion and his insane damage. Consequently, the hero is not as good as it seems, especially on some maps. That’s the reason why Bastion only has a 0.09% pick rating. 

The most common combo you can find with Bastion is with Reinhardt and Orisa. Both heroes are pretty famous right now, so don’t be surprised if you see Bastion more often.


The second hero on the list is Sombra, a hero that can become invisible. Unfortunately, her low damage output and the fact that she is really squishy means she is not as popular as other heroes. If we look at the statistics, we will see the hero appeared in 0.15% of matches.

Even though she may not be that popular, Sombra has one hidden weapon – her ultimate. It may not look that strong on paper, but it can disrupt every team and allow her team to push. The ult works exceptionally well against targets with barriers, which is why Sombra can be picked to counter them.

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The third DPS hero on this list is viral in some brackets, but this is not the case in “Master”. Mei is a hero that can have a massive impact on a given game. However, the hero is really hard to master and requires good team coordination. This means she is not that good when you have to play with random people.

Despite being one of the most successful heroes in this bracket in terms of win rating, Mei appeared in only 0.21% of the matches. Most people prefer to play heroes that are easier to use and do more damage. Sadly, Mei is not one of the DPS that is notorious for doing a lot of damage. She relies more on her CC.


This is probably one of the most surprising names because Reaper is among the go-to options in pretty much every other bracket. The hero is notorious for his high damage output. In fact, he is often picked as a counter to some of the popular tanks, such as Road and Rein.

Unlike most other DPS, Reaper has more HP, the ability to lifesteal, and a teleport. All those things make him extremely dangerous, especially on some maps. However, he also has a few downsides that must be taken into account. For example, he only works in close-range combat, which means he needs to stay near the enemy’s tanks. This is a problem because one of the healers needs to pay special attention to him.

Reaper only has a 0.42% pick rate, which is a clear sign that most Master players use him as a counter in specific situations.


Another name we didn’t expect to see on this list is Junkrat. This is probably one of the best DPS heroes you can get in the lower-ranked brackets because he deals absurd amounts of damage. What’s more, Junkrat is one of the heroes that can “farm” his ultimate in seconds, making him even more dangerous.

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Although he doesn’t need to stay as close to his opponents as Reaper, the hero is also not good in long-range combats. Needless to say, it is also weak against flying heroes, such as Pharah and Echo. That’s the reason why some people prefer to use other DPS.

For now, Junkrat only has a 0.53% pick rate, which is a lot lower compared to some of the popular alternatives.


With just a 0.04% higher pick rate, Symmetra is the next name on the list.  To be honest, we expected her to be more popular because of her Teleporter. This is one of the most potent abilities in the game and it can do wonders in many situations where the attacking team can’t go through a specific chokepoint.

While it is true that Symmetra has close to a 58% win rating, she is not as popular as other DPS. Her turrets can do a lot of damage, but the fact that they can be destroyed with a single attack is not good. 

Symmetra is a difficult hero to master, so some people are not willing to put in the time and effort. Those who decide to learn how to use her potential will realize she is on another level.


The last name on our list is a healer that is also notorious for its high damage output. Moira is one of the few supports in Overwatch that is amazing at AoE healing. What’s more, she is the support that can deal tons of damage.

Despite her advantages, Moira has a few cons, such as the fact that she is not that good when it comes down to healing a single target. What’s more, she can’t use her heal all the time, which is something that her team needs to take into account.

Moira has a 0.83% pick rate and a 48.35% win rate, which makes her one of the worst supports in the meta. Of course, this could change in the future.

Overwatch: The Least Picked Heroes in The Master Bracket
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