Overwatch 2: Introducing Sojourn

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Overwatch 2: Introducing Sojourn

We break down everything you need to know about Overwatch 2's latest hero, Sojourn.

After waiting for many years, Overwatch 2 beta is finally here. The successor of one of the most captivating and popular shooters, globally, includes numerous graphic changes. Of course, it also offers a couple of new maps and a new hero. 

Introducing Sojourn; the latest hero in the game.

Sojourn is a ranged DPS with a load of interesting skills, we'll take a look at in just a bit. But, it's important to keep in mind, since Overwatch 2 is in beta, the hero might go through drastic changes once the game becomes available to everyone.


Sojourn’s real name is Vivian Chase, and according to the official information, she is a part of the Canadian Special Forces. The hero can deal a lot of damage in mid-range combat and has one of the best mobility abilities in the game. 

Speaking of the devil, let’s take a look at all of the things she can use. Keep in mind that the game is still in Beta, so there is a chance that Blizzard will change some things in the future.


Sojourn’s primary fire is possible thanks to her weapon called Railgun. When she uses it, the gun deals 9 damage per shot and fires at a rating of 15 ammo per second. Railgun’s total ammo is 45 and when she hits her enemies, Sojourn generates energy that helps her secondary fire.

Speaking of the devil, the secondary fire is used to finish off enemies because it deals between 30 and 130 damage. To use the secondary mode, she needs to use the stored energy. The maximum energy that Sojourn can hold is 100.

Once the hero has 100 energy and doesn’t use the secondary more for more than 6 seconds, it will slowly begin decaying at a rate of 50 energy per second.

Power Slide

Aside from the damage-dealing abilities, she also has something called Power Slide. When the hero decides to use this ability, she will start sliding, which will allow her to escape from certain situations.

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Additionally, Sojourn can shoot while sliding and she can cancel this ability by pressing the jump button. Once that happens, the hero will perform a high jump, allowing her to reposition.

Disruption Shot

One of Sojourn’s most impressive abilities so far is Disruptor Shot. When you decide to use it, you will launch a ball of energy to a given location which will slow enemies and deal damage. This ability deals a total of 210 damage and has a 15 seconds cooldown. Needless to say, the damage dealt by her Disruptor Shot can help her gain energy for Railgun’s secondary fire mode.


Last but not least, we have Sojourn’s ultimate called Overclock. When the hero uses it, she has 9 seconds (this number is subject to change), during which she can use her secondary fire mode every 1.2 seconds. In other words, it allows her to do more damage and burst her opponents.

Tips and Tricks 

As mentioned earlier, one of the things that Sojourn quickly became famous for is her mobility. The fact that you can move around and escape or chase your opponents faster than almost anyone else is a huge plus. However, the Power Slide doesn’t work in every situation because it depends on where you use it.

Since the hero is sliding, you can’t expect this ability to do much if you use it while climbing different things, such as stairs. However, if you use it while going ot the lower ground, you will travel a lot more.

Another crucial tip when playing with this hero is how and when to use Disruption Shot. By the looks of it, this will be one of Sojourn’s primary damage abilities, so using it properly will have a big impact. Unless Blizzard changes the ability, it can do wonders if you use it near a chokepoint where your opponents have to group. Side the ability deals a lot of damage, it will force them to use some of their cooldowns prior to the fight. This means you and your team should have an advantage once the team fight begins.

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Besides the additional damage, this ability will also slow down your enemies. This means you should be able to land your headshots much easier, especially if the targets don’t have shields.

The hero’s weaknesses

Despite the fact that Sojourn looks amazing and has the power to land impressive kills, there are many things you should be aware of before using it. Aside from the sliding problem mentioned above, the hero requires you to be a good aimer. We want to point out that right away because if you keep missing your secondary fire mode, you won’t be able to do much. 

Sure, Sojourn can do a lot of damage with her primary fire mode, and with the Disruption Shot, the hero needs to hit enemies with her secondary ability. You will easily rip through your enemies once you learn how to do that.

Speaking of weakness, we have to address the elephant in the room –  this hero has no self-healing. Sure, she can most likely escape from most situations, but the lack of self-healing abilities means she has to be really careful when engaging in a 1v1 combat. That’s one of the main differences between Sojourn and Soldier: 76.

Potential counters

Since Overwatch 2 is not officially out yet, there might be many changes to Sojourn and her abilities. With that being said, the hero already has a couple of big counters that can reduce her effectiveness, especially during a team fight.

One of them is Reinhardt, one of the famous tanks in the game. Thanks to his massive shield, he does not allow Sojourn to gain charges and use her deadly ability. Even though the hero can always jump behind his target and deal damage, having a big barrier has a negative effect on the hero.

Doomfist is another hero that works surprisingly well against Sojourn. Although he is not doing as much damage as before, he can definitely kill Sojourn.

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Feature Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2: Introducing Sojourn
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