Will the 2024 Olympics Have Esports?

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Will the 2024 Olympics Have Esports?

The international olympiad is taking place in Paris, but will the Esports Olympics get a chance at the spotlight? Read more in our Esports Olympics article below!

The inaugural Olympic Esports Series in 2023 was a huge stepping stone that legitimized electronic games and bridged virtual and physical sports. But will we have the same category in this year's Paris Olympics?

In this article, we're looking at all the confirmed details about the next major esports Olympic event; and additional speculations based on official statements.

Esports in the Olympics

In the past decade, esports — and gaming in general — have been elevated to new heights. The billion-dollar industry cultivated a huge following in the 2010s that gave us some of the most popular gaming tournaments in the world. And it all culminated in a big way.

The first-ever Olympic Esports Series kicked off last year when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) worked with FIA and Polyphony Digital Inc. to bring esports to an Olympic stage. 150,000 entrants from 32 countries joined the watershed event, and the June 23 finals culminated in Singapore.

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Will the 2024 Olympics Have Esports?

Unfortunately, esports won't be a slated category in the 2024 Olympics, as the IOC deemed it too early to include esports in the quadrennial tournament, calling it “premature”.

However, some members of the International Olympic Committee have given us updates on the next esports Olympics. And it's sooner than you think!

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Credit: International Olympic Committee

When Is the Next Esports Olympics Event?

In a February interview with Cycling Weekly, Esports and Gaming Liaison Group Chairman David Lappartient confirmed that the Olympic Esports Games will fully commence in 2025. 

A month prior, IOC President Thomas Bach confirmed the same year with Xinhua Sports, placing the esports Olympics in 2025, or the year after “at the latest”.

While an official date is yet to be announced, esports fans can look forward to seeing some of their favourite games on the Olympic Esports stage soon.

Casey Wasserman — chairman of the Los Angeles Olympic Committee — is also a known esports fan.

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