100 Thieves And Activision Fall Out Over Call Of Duty: Warzone Charity Tournament

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100 Thieves And Activision Fall Out Over Call Of Duty: Warzone Charity Tournament

After 100 Thieves announced a Warzone charity tournament called ‘Gamers For Equality’, Activision then denied their request to go ahead with the tournament. Let's take a closer look.

On June 9, 100 Thieves announced that they would be doing a four-week long tournament series called ‘Gamers for Equality’. This would consist of four Call of Duty Warzone tournaments where $100,000 would be donated to BLM charities from their sponsor, CashApp. On June 17, after many fans wondering when the teams and more details would be announced. 100 Thieves went to Twitter and said:

“Unfortunately, Activision has denied our request to use Warzone for this charity tournament so we’ll need to postpone Gamers For Equality. We hope to still host this tournament and are working to find alternative solutions.”

Esports journalist Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau revealed that 100 Thieves were told by Activision that they could run the tournament. As long as it was without their sponsor CashApp. This is a questionable decision by Activision as they allow Keemstar to run his Warzone Wednesday tournaments, sponsored by companies such as HyperX. Where in these tournaments, all money goes to the players.

Nadeshot makes a statement

Nadeshot wanted to make sure that people knew he was not making any money off this tournament. That it was all for charity and the only thing the brand 100 Thieves would get from this tournament was exposure. 100 Thieves were unable to run this tournament without the sponsor. As all $100K was being put up by Cash app. Nadeshot finished his statement by saying that the Gamers For Equality tournament would still go ahead. However, they will be playing another game and not Warzone.

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