Zoria Age of Shattering Best Starting Class

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Zoria Age of Shattering Best Starting Class

What is the Zoria Age of Shattering best starting class you should choose? In this article, we will tell you what, in our opinion, is the class you should opt for if you are on your first run in the game.

Choosing the right class is never a simple thing, but at the same time, it is very important that you choose the one that is best able to help you, especially if you have never played games like this or if you are on your first run. Let's see, together, what we think is the class you should choose once you start the game.

Zoria Age of Shattering Best Starting Class You Should Choose

In Zoria Age of Shattering, there are 10 different classes to choose from, 3 of which will not be available at the beginning of your adventure but will become available as you continue. That said, though, there are definitely some classes that are better for tackling your first run than others. If you are reading this article, it is because you need a hand in your choice, and therefore we will explain to you the reason for our choice.

The Zoria Age of Shattering's best starting class to choose is without a doubt the Sentinel. This class is a support tank class that is capable of not only inflicting considerable damage on opponents but is also able to be very helpful to other team members. This is an excellent mix between offensive and support capabilities for your allies.

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Consequently, if you are just starting the game for the first time or if you are not even used to playing this type of game, Sentinel is definitely the best choice to make. In this way, in fact, you will have a very balanced class in your hands that will be able to help you in both the offensive and defensive phases.

Zoria Age of Shattering

However, this means that the class is not particularly specialized in either thing but is in a sort of limbo. In the long run, this could create some headaches (not if you will be able to balance the class system well and assign the right classes to your team members to create a balanced team capable of dealing with any eventuality), but to start, it is definitely the best choice you can make.

Obviously, since there are a myriad of classes to choose from, you could also be slightly daring and choose a different class that specializes in one aspect rather than another, but a lot depends on your skills and how you plan to approach the game. Certainly, it is not recommended to start with more “particular” classes, as they may not be easy to manage at the beginning.

Zoria Age of Shattering Best Starting Class
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