Zenless Zone Zero Tier List – Stop Snoozing and Reach the top

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Zenless Zone Zero Tier List – Stop Snoozing and Reach the top

Here we are folks, a Zenless Zone Zero Tier List. That's right, a new gacha means a new race to the top.

Zenless Zone Zero Tier List will be ranked from S Tier to C Tier, with a brief explainer of what each rank truly means. These ranks are for all levels of pay, from F2P to Whale. If you are F2P, try to focus on the characters you can hit first that feature highly on the list.

Zenless Zone Zero Tier List

S Tier

The best of the best right now. The characters here are top tier if you can get them, and are likely S rare characters on the current or recent banner. Remember, that new characters are often very strong to generate FOMO.


A Tier

These are still very strong, but not on the same level of OP as those in S Tier. Though, characters in A tier are likely the most balanced, so some of the safest to invest time into.


B Tier

Here we see a bit of a drop in power. But, if you really need Fire damage for a fight, anything in here will still have you covered.

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PiperNekomataAnbySoldier 11AntonNicole

C Tier

C really should be used as a last resort. Try not to invest too much time or resources into characters down here for now.


A deeper look

Ellen – The Queen of DPS

The first banner and, shock, she's the most powerful character. Like we said, FOMO rules the roost here, but you knew that. Given the game's fairly generous early pull rewards, you should be able to get Ellen to at least a 2* if you are F2P.

Lycaon – Debuff the enemy

If Ellen rules the DPS, Lycaon is the debuffer of dreams. Easily laying down the law on the enemy, Lycaon will make any fight easier.

Rina – Support for the team

Rina ZZZ

If you are lucky to get Rina in the standard banner (like we did) then you have yourself the game's best support character right off the bat. Her kit is great, and she can drop into almost any team and make them better.

Soukaku – Freeze em

One of the free characters you get, Soukaku is a really strong Frost character who comes in handy for large groups of enemies. She attacks fairly slowly, which can expose her against bosses but as an enemy clearer she's brilliant.

Billy – Free but Avoid

You'll get Billy early for free, but you'll want to move away from him. We wouldn't recommend putting many, if any point into making him stronger for now.

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Zenless Zone Zero Tier List Criteria and Rules

We look at a few factors when deciding who are the best characters in the game.

  • Damage
  • Playability
  • Flexibility
  • Ease of Access

Damage – This one is pretty simple, it doesn't matter what other role a character does, the damage they bring is the most important part.

Playability – While some of us might be pro gamers, the average player needs to have characters be playable quickly for them to get the best out of them. Right now, none of the characters stand out as really hard, though that might change in future.

Flexibility – This looks at how easily a character can fit into different squads and team comps. So where as a DPS can fit any team, and support, stunner, debuffer etc are much more limited as you really only want one.

Ease of Access – This just looks at how we can get hold of each character. Right now, Ellen is “easy” to get as she's the first banner. With her odds being increased as a result, it makes her a good character to be at the top. Going forward, when she joins the general pool, that might change.

That's it for our Zenless Zone Zero Tier List. We'll update it as often as we can with new characters and meta changes.

Zenless Zone Zero Tier List – Stop Snoozing and Reach the top
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