Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Battery Guide

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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Battery Guide

Here is how to improve your Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Battery fast and easy to keep your Zonai contraptions running!

In your adventure through Zelda TOTK your Energy Cells are one of the most important tools at your disposal. But sadly they are arguably also the worst resource to get your hands on.

Not only is getting the raw materials to upgrade them exhausting, but the whole process of getting those upgrades done is also extremely cumbersome and requires you to travel far and wide to make it a little easier.

But thanks to the power of the internet, tireless research, and spending hours unlocking all the Energy Cells in the land and then some we can provide you with all the info you'll ever need!

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Battery, Forge Constructs, and You

Your Battery or Energy Cell as they're referred to in the game is used to power all your Zonai devices for as long as you have juice. Unless they're a glider or balloon but we don't talk about those.

Sadly Tears of the Kingdom does a bad job to explain to you how to get more than the 3 Energy Cells you start out with and how to get them efficiently.

First of all, forget about getting them efficiently because getting all 15 optional batteries takes a lot of time, many resources, and even more nerves. And now that the duping glitches are fixed it'll take even longer.

To get 1 Energy Cell you need to turn in 100 Crystallized Charges. Crystallized Charges can either be purchased for 3 Zonaite a piece from Forge Constructs.

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Alternatively, you can also exchange 3 Large Zonaite for a Large Crstallized Charge which is worth 20 Crystallized charges. These will also drop from the various mini-bosses down in the Depth which respawn after every Bloodmoon.

If you just want to purchase them for Zonaite which can be found in the depths, keep in mind that those Forge Constructs only carry a limited stock. That stock will usually fill up again after taking a nap at any of the stables in the overworld.

Here are the coordinates for all the Forge Constructs if you don't feel like chasing them down:

Great Sky Island Platau: 0472, -1680, 1371
Great Abandoned Central Mine: -0861, -1941, and -0522
Abandoned Hateno Mine: 3527, -2188, and -0588
Abandoned Gerudo Mine: -3880, -2966, and -0434
Abandoned Kara Kara Mine: -3186, -2508, and -0475
Abandoned Lurelin Mine: 2948, -3373, and -0453

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Grinding for Zonaite in many, Agonizing ways

Let us warn you now that grinding out Zonaite takes a long, long, long time until you make any real progress. The best way to go about it is to mix all the following ways you can grind it out.

More importantly though, don't just B-Line for just grinding. It will take forever and won't make you happy. Instead, think of it as a sort of side activity when you explore the depths and its many terrors.

Monster Hunting

An easy and fairly straightforward way to obtain Zonaite is by killing monsters down in the Depths. Most if not all enemies that are affected by the gloom will drop Zonaite at somewhat random numbers when defeated.

Monsters will also tend to congregate around Zoanite and mine it. Just be careful. The Gloom will affect your health whenever you are hit by an attack and you can only regain that health by using specialized food, standing near Lightroots, or returning to the surface.

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Mini-Boss Farming

Just like on the overworld, there are all sorts of mini-bosses scattered around the depths in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. There are a bunch of them so we're not even going to bother listing them all.

Instead, we'll leave you with a bit of advice, every one of them drops a Large Crystalized Charge once you've defeated them.

Technically you can farm them indefinitely and then some, which is the fastest way to to it. But you need to wait for the Bloodmoon for them to respawn.

Little Pro Tip here: You can farm the 5 Lynels in the Floating Colosseum that you need to defeat to obtain Majora's Mask. Each of them will drop a Large Crystalized Charge upon defeat.

Seek out the Yiga Clan in the Depths

If you've been exploring the depths, chances are you've probably come across the Yiga Clan camps. Defeating the mini-boss here will not only reward you with new blueprints for the Auto-Build ability but also a Large Crystalized Charge.


The safest but arguably most tiresome way to get Crystalized Charges is mining Zoanite. You can find Zoanite scattered all across the Depths as well as some of the Skyislands.

You can even find large quantities of them in some areas in the depths, usually the ones that are specifically called ‘mines' as well as in the lead-up to the Fire and Shadow Temple.

If you want to make your mining life, especially with the bigger rocks a little easier, you can build yourself a mining drill by attaching several rocks to a Zoanite wheel. Then it's just a matter of activating and holding it against the ores.

Boss Rematches

Did you know that you can fight all the temple bosses again in the Depths? Then we got good news for you. You can challenge all 4 of them 3 times more and earn monster parts to empower your weapons and earn a reward.

Killing one of them will reward you 100 Crystalized Charges each. While you can't farm this method, since only the bosses and not their rewards will respawn, it is a sure and easy way to get more Battery Charges.

You can find all 12 locations on this map right here.

zelda tears of the kingdom battery

Where to get more Energy Cells

Now that we've gathered enough crystalized charges, it is time to put them to use. Now you need to turn them into Energy Wells. For that, you simply need to head to one of the Crystal Refineries.

You'll find one directly north of the Lookout Landing, the other one is located right next to the Nachoyah Shrine on the Great Sky Island.

Here you just need to talk to the construct and ask it to forge all your Crystalized Charges into Energy Wells and luckily you only have to sit through this animation once if you're making multiple Energy Wells.

And this is all you need to know about Tears of the Kingdom's Energy Cells, for more on Zelda check out our tricks and tips as well as our review here on ESTNN

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Battery Guide
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