Zedd Asks Dr. Disrespect For Valorant Stream Collab

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Zedd Asks Dr. Disrespect For Valorant Stream Collab

DJ Anton ‘Zedd’ Zaslavski, who's been streaming his Valorant games on Twitch is hoping for a potential stream collab with Dr Disrespect.

Zedd's love for Valorant isn't a secret and he isn't a pushover either. Aside from hitting Immortal before, the German-Russian DJ used to stream the game frequently on Twitch.  Moreover, he's had some big victories with Phoenix and Jett, making him a pretty good duo along the two-time.

Doc has played Valorant for quite a while. Recently he posted a clip of him farming some opponents and booting up onto Future Earth.

Zedd pushes for possible collab with Dr. Disrespect

Impressed by his gameplay, Zedd urged Doc to team up with him. Apparently, the 31-year-old DJ is looking to take a break from producing his next big project to play a few games with the two-times.

Replying to one of Dr. Disrespect’s clips on Twitter, Zedd wrote, “Doc, it’s time for us to duo.” Doc has not publicly replied to Zedd's request, but if this collaboration comes to fruition, it would be an exceptional one.

Dr. Disrespect has previously confessed he's “addicted” to Valorant. He's also expressed an interest in helping Riot design a map for Val. Much to fans' delight, director Joe Ziegler asked Doc to send ideas for any potential maps for the game.

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