Yasuo Counters in League of Legends Patch 14.4

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Yasuo Counters in League of Legends Patch 14.4

Do you need help to play and win against Yasuo in League of Legends? Don’t worry; this article will help you pick the right champions.

Yasuo has been one of the strongest and most popular champions in League of Legends since the dawn of time. Yasuo has the great option of being flexed across multiple roles. This article will specifically look at Yasuo in the mid-lane. The question is, how can Yasuo be stopped? ESTNN is here to bring you the best mid-lane Yasuo counters in League of Legends. We will also highlight the worst champions to play into Yasuo and the champions with the best synergy.

Best Yasuo Counters in LoL


Renekton, overall, is one of the strongest melee champions in the game and is an absolute menace in the early game for many melee vs melee matchups. The key is playing around Renektons fury, as he does more damage the more his fury bar is stacked. Renektons W provides hard CC, which provides an easy gank onto Yasuo if you wish to call the jungler to the lane. If you have ignite, you instantly have kill pressure as early as level 3. Combining this with the conqueror rune, Yasuo has no counters for Renekton. Yasuo definitely outscales the Croc as the game progresses into the late-game, the hope is to avoid getting to that point in the game.

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Swain is a significant counter to Yasuo, and has the second highest win-rate against him in patch 14.4 at 56.8%. Swain has the upperhand early with his Q and E combo whenever Yasuo wants to walk up to the minions. The key in this lane is to not play around the minions; Yasuo can easily catch you off guard as his E can dash through minions to easily close the gap. Swain players should only look to throw out their E when Yasuo's wind wall is down, as this ability completely blocks Swain's engagement.

Aurelion Sol

Yasuo is extremely weak in the early game, but powerspikes within the first full item or two. The key with Aurelion Sol is to poke him out early and contest him at every minion with Breath of Light, Aurelion Sol’s Q ability. In the first couple of levels, Yasuo is not expected to level up Wind Wall, which should allow you to easily poke him out of the lane and force an awful early purchase. A’Sol scales as the game progresses, so it is best not to allow Yasuo to fight and use his ultimate. This can be accomplished by keeping the wave close to your tower. Yasuo is unlikely to engage if you are sat under the tower as that will likely result in his death.

Worst Champions To Pick Into Yasuo In League of Legends

According to Mobalytics, Ryze is the worst champion to pick into Yasuo in the mid-lane, with a win rate of just over 48%. Using Wind Wall is vital in this match-up as this should prevent a lot of the poke Ryze will be able to dish out, even in the early game. Landing the knock up from Yasuos’ Q should allow you to trade comfortably in the lane. When you think you have the advantage, play around the minions, as they will be able to help you dash around and not allow for Ryze to hit their skill shots to apply damage.

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Although Tristana has the early game advantage against Yasuo, she has one of the worst win rates against the champion at just over 46%. The laning phase is not where Yasuo is going to shine, as Trist should be able to shove Yasuo in. The key for Yasuo players in this match-up is patience and calling the jungler over once Tristana has shoved in the lane. Yasuo scales nicely and only needs two items to really come online. Be patient, and don’t be scared to all-in if you see Tristana has used Rocket Jump stupidly, as she will either die to your all-in or be forced to use Flash.

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Here are the best champions to play with Yasuo in League of Legends on patch 14.4, according to Mobalytics. Please note this article will be updated as new patches are released. For more information on when a new League of Legends patch will be released, check out our patch schedule article here.

  • Ivern
  • Skarner
  • Gragas

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