xQc Gives His Opinion On The “Slay Queen” Community’s Terms

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xQc Gives His Opinion On The “Slay Queen” Community’s Terms

xQc reads the chats of a Twitch apology stream and is disgusted by the comments made by viewers worshipping an exposed streamer

Twitch being the world’s leading platform for streaming different types of content, there is a fair share of streamers that get exposed for their wrongdoings. Such streamers are exposed not only on Twitch’s platform but also on other platforms. Streamers who are caught doing wrong are then banned from said platforms and games, which ends their career once and for all. 

Recently, Lyndii, a famous Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV) Role Play (RP) streamer, got banned from a popular server named “NoPixel” after her dm’s with her partner, RatedEpicz, fellow Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay streamer, were leaked on the internet. The dm’s included homophobic content, extortion and even blackmail done by Lyndii. When scrolling through the famous “LivestreamFail” subreddit on his stream, Felix Lengyel, better known by his alias, “xQc” came across this community post and didn’t seem surprised by it. 

xQc Gives His Opinion On The “Slay Queen” Community’s Terms Credit: xQc

xQc reacts to viewers using terms such as “slay queen” and “get the bag queen” on an apology stream

When xQc came across the community post on the “LivestreamFail” subreddit, he played it and didn’t seem surprised at all. He listened to the clip for a few seconds then told his chat that he doesn’t like “beating the dead horse” when they apologize and said the word “apologize” while using air quotation marks. He then said that intentions matter and that when a streamer publicly tweets acting like the victim instead of addressing the bad issues, it makes the situation way worse than it truly is. Lastly, he said that it is what it is, and it seemed that he was done talking about the situation, but things took a turn when he unpaused the clip.

After unpausing the clip, when xQc was listening to the streamer talk, his eyes fell on the chat replay and he got annoyed pretty quickly. He narrowed his eyes and read the comments with disgust before saying that it is “brain rot.” He told his chat:

“And there’s so many people in the chat like…” He paused in disbelief and continued,  “What the f*ck? Saying like, ‘Get the bag queen’, f*cking ‘Get it, queen’, ‘City girls go up’ and ‘Get the bag.’ Yo, that’s f*cking brain rot dude. Society is f*cking, is so ill. Yo, when we f*cking normalize healing society, heal yourself, man! The absolute disastrous sh*t people say is unhinged. What the f*ck is that man? Jesus man… What a f*cking disaster dude.” 

He then stopped talking for a moment before addressing the situation again and he said that it is what it is and both the people in the situation are in the wrong. He seemed truly perturbed by the people’s comments in the chat. Honestly, we agree as well because you should never support someone when they admitted they were in the wrong and are apologizing for it. Supporting them only makes the situation worse and makes it seem as if they weren’t wrong in the first place. It is truly a disastrous thing to do, as xQc said in his live stream. Instead, try to make them realize their mistakes and have them fix them rather than support the wrong things that they do. Be cautious about mistakes and do not let your brains rot! 


xQc Gives His Opinion On The “Slay Queen” Community’s Terms
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