xQc Finally Defends His Personal Relationships And Blasts His Fanbase For Being Negative

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xQc Finally Defends His Personal Relationships And Blasts His Fanbase For Being Negative

xQc calls his Twitch fans “unhinged” because they show toxicity and negativity against all his personal relationships

The Twitch streaming star xQc has had his fair share of personal relationships over the last couple of years and his fanbase has never failed to be toxic about all of them. Most of his relationships made it onto his streams, and that gave his fanbase a reason to be disrespectful and show hate toward them, completely forgetting the fact that they are human too. Some of his fans have always been critical of his relationships showing zero empathy, so xQc took to keeping his relationships more private and away from the public eye. 

His long-term relationship with fellow Twitch streamer Adept had always been a source of constant mockery for his fanbase as they often tried to ignore their relationship status and labeled themselves as “roommates.” Later on, when he broke up with Adept, he got into a relationship with Nyxxii, but that didn’t last too long either because they appeared together on streams often. For this reason, xQc has kept his relationship with another fellow streamer, Fran, quite private and away from his fans.

But, of course, as soon as his fans got a whiff that xQc was in a new relationship, they quickly started digging and pried out his relationship with Fran. Things got to an extreme level recently, and finally, on July 3rd’s stream, xQc hit back at his Twitch chat for their extreme toxicity. 

xQc calls out his fans for being “unhinged” and hating on his relationship with his present girlfriend, Fran 

xQc Defends His Personal Relationships

xQc zealously defends his personal relationship, blasting his chat for being toxic against it.

During his live stream on July 3rd, the Twitch chat begged him to do a “Reddit Recap” and xQc obliged, diving into his own subreddit to scour through all the community posts. But, things got heated quickly when Chat’s negativity started to reach the peak and xQc had enough, quickly criticizing all of their comments about his new girlfriend, Fran. He spoke up saying, “And I met her before all this sh*t too. It’s just odd, I don’t know. And, it was the same thing with my previous relationships too…” He paused for a moment and then said, “Where like, people don’t remember what it was at the time, and then the stream grew and it was like, ‘Oh dude, we knew it was going to be like this man.’ And it's like dude, come on man, don’t do that sh*t.” 

He stuttered for a moment and then looked at his chat saying, “Um, I don’t get it. The vibes are off now.” He read from his chat and immediately lashed out, “It’s because of this sh*t! I just don’t get it! It’s like everything that isn’t a f*cking disaster in my life, everything that isn’t like actually f*cking killing me…it’s like, you attack the f*ck out of it until I get rid of it.” He paused and said in utter disbelief, “Why? I don’t get it.” 

Felix or xQc then continued scrolling through the posts on the subreddit and looked at his chat, where he read a message and highlighted it for everyone to see. The comment made in his chat was by a fan who said that being a Twitch streamer means you have to cope with the criticism as it comes with the profession. That pissed xQc off greatly, and he zealously spoke up about it saying, 

“Bro, see?! You’re so weird, that’s not even true. The level that people go to for live content is the worst and people know that shit, a hundred percent.” He took a breath and replied, “The people know that things get reacted to and things get seen and are posted in live form, so it’s much worse here. What are you talking about? Maybe not in terms of density of how many people that there is total, right? But, the amount of actual input for a reaction is f*ucking unhinged. Like, what the f*ck man?! I don’t get it, I don’t know.” 

xQc was truly upset at how toxic and negative people really are and how they don’t want to believe the fact that streamers are human too. He spoke up for the first time ever like this because his chat pushed the boundaries and went as far as telling him that being a Twitch streamer meant he has to deal with this stuff without any complaints. He defended himself commendably, even though he was annoyed and pissed off with how things were going.

Afterward, he steered the topic away from the community posts on his subreddit and moved on, even though he was ticked off and very annoyed with his fans. It was clear that he has had enough of his chat’s toxicity and decided it was about time to speak up about it and bash them for it. We all need to remember that at the end of the day, famous internet personality or not, we are all human and we all have emotions. So, we need to learn to respect those boundaries and not pry into people’s personal lives, such as xQc’s. 

xQc Finally Defends His Personal Relationships And Blasts His Fanbase For Being Negative
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